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In her book Slander -- indeed in most of what she writes and says -- ANN COULTER takes what sounds like the ill-tempered blustering of a barroom drunk and offers it as serious political commentary.  But she's no barroom drunk.  At least the barroom drunk would be embarrassed the next day and apologize for such remarks.

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UPDATE! George Bush: Low I.Q. or Brain Damage? 1/23/01

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Who's Telling the Truth About "Crony Capitalism"?

January 31, 2002

Before I get into the substance of this debate, a bit of personal history:

Just about my first exposure to a non-corporate media source came from an unlikely place: the public library in my conservative suburban hometown.  It was the late '60's, the Vietnam War was raging, the cities were burning, and as a teenager I instinctively knew there had to be a lot more we should be told about than what was being reported on the nightly network evening news.

I decided to take a look at the periodical section of the library, and came across a magazine called Ramparts[continue reading]

Help for Poor Nations: Watch What Bush Does, Not What He Says

Bush State of Union Speech Misleading

January 30, 2002

In his State of the Union Speech last night, George Bush proclaimed a goal of "extending American compassion throughout the world."  That sounds wonderful.

But apparently our compassion will have to be extended without much -- if any -- additional funding for that purpose, since it was reported earlier that very same day that the Bush administration has blocked a widely supported international plan to double worldwide foreign aid to poor nations. [continue reading]

Medicare HMO's Deny Drugs to Elderly

They're Only Old People, Why Waste Money on Them?

January 28, 2002

Medicare HMO's were set up by the nation's largest health insurers to cater to America's senior citizens.  These HMO's enticed the elderly to join up by touting as one of the benefits free prescriptions.  But now many of these HMO's have been eliminating coverage for prescription drugs, or requiring prohibitively high payments for them. [continue reading]

DNA Testing: So What If He Could Be Innocent, Appeals Court Says, We Can't Be Bothered By These Pesky Defendants

January 27, 2002

The most conservative appeals court in the country held true to form this week when it ruled that a defendant, James Harvey, has no right to have post-conviction DNA tests of evidence, even if he contends that such testing would exonerate him of the crime. [continue reading]

U.S. Stance Allows Kidnapping, Rape, Looting and Murder to Continue in Afghanistan

January 26, 2002

It is inexplicable that the multinational peacekeeping force in Afghanistan has been limited to 5,000 men, and confined in operations to the capital city of Kabul. [continue reading]

The Earth Is A Lifeboat, And Its Resources Should Be Fairly Shared

January 24, 2002

A recent study estimated that the 435 billionaires on the planet Earth own assets worth $1.75 trillion. That's right: $1,750,000,000,000!

Wouldn't it be great if there could be a 10% "You Just Can't Hog That Much of the Earth's Resources" tax imposed on them?  That would raise $175 billion. [continue reading]

The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Condemning the Vietnam War Speak to Us Powerfully About the War on Terrorism

The Martin Luther King the Corporate Media Doesn't Want You to See

January 20, 2002

Tomorrow is a national holiday commemorating the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The official version of Dr. King's life is that he was a fighter for racial justice in America, and that's that. 

The reality is, in the last years of his life, Dr. King articulated a far broader vision, encompassing an analysis and severe criticism not only of the role of the United States in the world, but of the very nature of our economic system. [continue reading]

Enron Scandal: Can't The Wealthy Play by the Rules When They Steal From Everyone Else?

January 15, 2002

I wasn't going to write anything about the Enron scandal, given the saturation coverage it's receiving. 

Even the self-proclaimed spokesman for the "working class," Bill O'Reilly, seems to be following through on his pledge to devote a lot of time to the issue (maybe he'll even wind up spending more airtime on Enron than on the alleged financial irregularities O'Reilly maintains are rife in Jesse Jackson's non-profit organizations!).

I was prompted to write about Enron, however, by two things: an outrageous statement by Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, and, by how shallow the corporate-owned media's analysis is when they profess to be discussing the broader and deeper implications of this scandal. [continue reading]

Ten Things We Didn't Learn From 9/11

January 1, 2002

  1. To demand that government officials be held accountable for their incompetence.  Is there any doubt, given the revelations concerning what the government knew about the 20th hijacker, Zacarias Moussaoui, in August, that the heads of the FBI, CIA and Justice Department should have resigned in disgrace for their failure to properly investigate Moussaoui and thus prevent the 9/11 tragedy?  Instead, most Americans seem happy to give these same officials even more power. [continue reading]


I Cry for the September 11 Victims... And I Cry Also for the 6 Year Old Afghan Girl Whose Spinal Chord Was Severed by Shrapnel From an American Bomb

December 13, 2001

Like many Americans, I have shed many tears watching coverage of and reading about the September 11 victims.  These emotions were most intense in the days immediately following the terrorist attacks, but even now, months later, the odd story will again bring me to tears.  Particularly moving are some of the short but poignant vignettes about September 11 victims that The New York Times runs each day at the end of its daily special section on the war.

Contrary to the impression that some readers of this site seem to come away with, I support -- and have explicitly so endorsed here many times -- military action to overthrow the Taliban, and eliminate Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda as a threat.  The release of the bin Laden videotape today only strengthens these convictions.  It is not the goal, but the methods our country is using to achieve that goal that I have strongly disagreed with and criticized.

That being said and hopefully understood, I am not ashamed to say that I have also cried many times as I have read about the hundreds, if not thousands of innocent Afghan civilians -- men, women, children, babies -- who have been killed and injured by U.S. bombs and missiles.  The following account of a tragedy that occurred last weekend really hit me hard:

A second 6-year-old girl in the room was paralyzed from the waist down. X-rays showed how a tiny shard of metal had neatly severed her spinal chord... [continue reading]

September 11, 2001   10:30 p.m. -- Writing tonight about anything other than the attacks on New York City and the Pentagon would seem superfluous.  Yet given the mountains of ink and hours of airtime already devoted to the subject, there is not, perhaps, much that has not already been said.  So here's summaries of the types of comments I've seen posted today on discussion boards of progressive sites (particularly at Common Dreams), and then a few thoughts of my own:

The U.S. has killed hundreds if not thousands of times more civilians in terrorist attacks on other countries than the U.S. suffered killed today.  Undoubtedly true, since our military killed 2-3 million civilians during the Vietnam War alone.

The U.S. is only having done to it what it has done to others. Again true.  See directly above.  To give yet [continue reading]


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Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and Al Qaeda must be eliminated as threats.  It's how we do so that defines us as a nation...

Study by U.S. Professor Claims 3,500 Afghan Civilians Killed by American Bombs and Missiles December 11, 2001
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October 14, 2001
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A Proposal for a Non-Partisan "Commission on U.S. Foreign Policy Since World War II" September 19, 2001
More on the World Trade Center Attack

Military Tribunals: Road to Dictatorship?



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Premarital Sex and Cohabitation: A Good Idea for Many Couples August 17 ,2001
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Set the Death Penalty as Punishment for Prosecutorial Misconduct in Death Penalty Cases September 1, 2001

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