Newest Additions:

The Old Catholic Church: Oratory 
of the Common Life

"A Journey Into Spirituality"

Christian Econ
A Biblical perspective of American economics.

Progressive Talk Stevens Point
Working to bring progressive talk radio to Central Wisconsin.  You can buy pixels to help out.

"A look inside the wacky world of Bob Jones University."

waldschrat's mirror
Helping to provide chemotherapy drugs to a Mosul, Iraq hospital.

Liberals Like Christ
"Jesus' teaching and example make him much more a loving, compassionate, tolerant Liberal than a rigid, repressive and regressive 'Christian Conservative' of the Religious Right!"

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly, International
"An organization dedicated to the dissemination of information that exposes Bill O'Reilly for what he is: an ego-driven, biased individual who spreads fear, hate and misunderstanding.

  Jesus No Republican
"Shows why Jesus would abhor today's Republican Party, 

  Catholic Arrogance 
"Shows why the Roman Catholic Church should remove the beam(s) from its own eyes before preaching to anybody else."

Anti-Republican Political Karaoke - Over 2000 Parodies
Up to date anti-Republican political karaoke and hilarious political cartoons
  Blue Canyon Satire
"Website for music, information and humor with highly-rated CDs, books, videos and graphics produced by Jim Terr and Blue Canyon Productions of Santa Fe, New Mexico."

  Bare Politics
"A political and government community discussion forum for National and World issues." 

Newest Link Exchanges:

The Brand New Bag

Republican Rescue

Jesus is a Liberal

Sites Unseen - Earth's Mightiest Alternative Christian Link Portal

Byron Williams

Bill Bekkenhuis

Thomas Paine's Corner

Faith Voices for the Common Good

Building the Beloved Community

Human Rights:

50 Years is Enough
  Focuses on Third World debt relief. One of the main organizers of anti-globalization protests.

Nicaragua Network
  Informs about and organizes against U.S. intervention in Central America.

Witness for Peace
  Organizes delegations to Third World countries to  protect citizens threatened by repressive   governments.

  Provides aid to, and lobbies on behalf of, women in Third World countries.

Rosenberg Fund for Children
  Provides financial assistance to children of progressive activists who are in jail or have been killed.

Common Dreams Newscenter
  Links to a myriad of progressive publications and columnists, as well as a breaking newswire.

 This is a link to Change-Links' monthly calendar section, which details the incredible range of progressive activities occurring in the Los Angeles area -- nothing you ever hear about in the mass media.

Animal Rights:

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

  The largest mainstream animal rights organization.

FARM (Farm Animal Reform Movement) 
  Originator of the Great American Meatout, focuses on eliminating the abuses of factory farming.

N.A.A.L.F. (North American Animal Liberation Front)
  Provides information about direct actions to prevent animals from being abused.

Link Exchanges:

Mad Kane's Political Satire, Song Parodies & Political Limericks 
  "Award winning Humor Columnist, Madeleine Begun Kane, is Raising Kane about politics, President George Dubya Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, the White House, Congress, Elections, Government, & Other Political Nuisances through essays, song parodies, & fake news stories.."

  All things anti-O'Reilly and anti-Fox.

  A parody of, with "daily commentary on the War on Terror and other obscene travesties of life."

Afghanistan Online
  Great resource with data and links.

The Radical Truth
  Spiritual writings from an eclectic perspective.

Political Pulpit Dot Com
  "Liberal bias, opinions, links, humor, and satire."
  A web site name that is both self-explanatory and true!

The Practical Radical
  "Tools, information and links to help progressives fight the endless stream of propaganda and lies coming from the right wing."

Suddenly Senior
  "For senior citizens who are too young to be old and senior. Senior humor, senior trivia, senior nostalgia, senior jokes, Canadian drug stores, senior sex, Medicare"

One Thousand Reasons dump Bush.  "Dedicated to the peaceful overthrow of the Bush regime"

Would Jesus Love a Liberal? You Bet!
"Directory of resources for progressive Christians: spiritual belief quizzes, message boards for debate and fellowship, liberal Christian spiritual and political philosophy websites, denominations list, reading suggestions, and recommended scripture for the socially conscious."

Blue State Journal
"Exposing the Lies and Laziness of the Right-Wing Corporate Media Machine"

Smafty Mac
"Fighting the kakistocracy"

Reader's Blogs:
(content not necessarily endorsed)

  "Your unrest home....Daily dissidence utilizing photography, graphics and words..."

Reader's Sites:
(content not necessarily endorsed)

This Is Who We Are
 "A web site dedicated to the examination of what is hidden in plain sight"  

Jenny's Jesus Club
 "A site dedicated to expanding faith options for Christians with alternative lifestyles, including homosexual and 'party' lifestyles"  

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