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Friday, June 06, 2003

The fraud that is Bill O'Reilly, and the utter stupidity of some of his "fans," is seen in the following messages recently posted on his website's message board by two such individuals [whose full names I have omitted to avoid embarrassing the mentally helpless]:

No taxes under $30,000?? In what country, Bill?
Posted By: RN
Date: 24-May-03

I'm a no-spin guy, and love your show, Bill. Yet, I am disgusted that you keep saying people under $30,000 incomes do not pay federal taxes, and that the earned income credit and child tax credit gives us "free" money. Well, I made less than 30 grand, qualified for the earned income tax credit, and the child tax credit for one child. I still paid around $2000 to the federal government. Bill, please don't put yourself on your "high horse" and say I don't contribute. I certainly do, and I think 2 grand for a guy like me is fair... more than fair. I can hardly support my family, let alone save money to buy them a home. I think you need to appologize to us... on air... and get the real facts about taxes!! PS> LOVE the show...


Reply: RE: No taxes under $30,000?? In what country, Bill?
Posted By: RM
Date: 24-May-03

I wonder where he's getting his numbers from. In a small business venture last year after expenses and credits I cleared about $22,000. I paid the IRS $4238 in income tax and self employment tax of $2823 totaling $7061.That's not all my income, but I ask you how is someone making under 30k not paying taxes? This is what I paid in business income alone.


Reply: RE: No taxes under $30,000?? In what country, Bill?
Posted By: RN
Date: 25-May-03

I rest my case!!
Even though the guy knows that O'Reilly is misleading people about taxes,he still professes his love for O'Reilly twice in one message. That's because O'Reilly is so demagogically (is this a word?) skillful in pushing hot button cultural issues -- sex on campus, Jesse Jackson, etc -- that his "fans" come to believe he is on their side, even when O'Reilly virtually NEVER deals with the true issues that affect the pocketbook and well-being of average Americans: the unfair tax system and abhorrent Bush tax cuts for the wealthy; the need for living wage legislation; rampant OSHA violations, etc.

Jack Clark 2:36 PM [+]  
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