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These Christian Foreign Aid Workers in Afghanistan Are Possibly the Stupidest People in the World

September 5, 2001

The prize for the stupidest people in the world could very well go to the eight foreign aid workers associated with a German -based Christian organization who apparently were caught in Afghanistan trying to convert people from Islam to Christianity.

As I've written elsewhere, I'm no fan of the Taliban.  Their restrictions on women are tantamount to slavery, and their laws against religious proselytizing are an affront against free speech and freedom of religion.

But Afghanistan is a country were punishments include amputation of limbs, and execution by methods such as stoning, and having a brick wall collapsed on you.  It's not a place were you want to violate the law.

There are billions of people all over the world who are not Christians.  If someone wants to proselytize, I would think one of the last places on earth to choose to do so would be Afghanistan.

Bottom line: if you're in Afghanistan, wouldn't it be smart to obey their laws?

Unless the Taliban are fabricating evidence, the aid workers possessed local-language editions of Bibles, dozens of audio tapes and CD's about Jesus, and lesson plans for teaching Christianity.   Indeed, they had a book titled "Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim."

It's expected that these foreign aid workers will be convicted, and expelled as punishment. (Since these eight workers were arrested, the Taliban government has expelled about 24 other foreign aid workers for preaching Christianity.)

But there are 16 Afghan staff members who were arrested with the eight foreign aid workers and face similar charges.  For the Afghans, the penalty will likely be far more severe, possibly death. 

The foreign aid workers have endangered the lives of these Afghans with ill-advised proselytizing, and for that deserve to be called not only stupid, but criminally reckless.

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