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world trade center attack

War on Terrorism

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World Trade Center Attack!

America Strikes Back!

Osama bin Laden!


The war on terrorism has begun.

America strikes back!!

This war on terrorism recalls the horror of the World Trade Center attack and the hatred Americans rightly feel towards Osama bin Laden.

Our war on terrorism also targets the Taliban Afghanistan government for its support of bin Laden.

How about an analysis going beyond the mass media frenzy of the moment?  A few examples:

War on Terrorism Caution: Get bin Laden and the Taliban, But Spare the Innocent Women and Children!

The war on terrorism, as America strikes back, must surely punish Bin Laden and the Taliban for their evil deed, the World Trade Center attack!  But we are not evil!  Let's do it properly.

Afghanistan's infrastructure does not have the same role that Germany's did in World War II, and should not be bombed in this war on terrorism like Germany's was. See War on Terrorism #1.

In our justified war on terrorism, we must cut through the media rhetoric concerning when it's supposedly "okay" to kill innocent civilians, women and children in Afghanistan. See War on Terrorism #2.

War on Terrorism Warning: bin Laden is Like Frankenstein: Let's Be Smart!

In a previous war on terrorism, bin Laden in Afghanistan was financed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency for many years.  This means in our present war on terrorism we must now be very careful.  As America strikes back, we must avoid creating a future bin Laden, a future Taliban and future horrors like the World Trade Center attack.  For an overall progressive analysis, see War on Terrorism #3.

When the war on terrorism is being won, at the appropriate time, let's seriously study our foreign policy since World War II, and figure out how to create a truly safe, just world. See War on Terrorism #4.

[War on Terrorism: Additional Analysis]

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