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George Bush: Low I.Q. or Brain Damage?

george bush george bush george bush george bush  

George Bush has been called an idiot, a moron, stupid, incompetent and lazy. Bush is endlessly ridiculed on late night TV.  There is a serious question, however:

Does George Bush suffer from unusually low I.Q., or even brain damage?

George Bush's Symptoms

George Bush seems incapable of stringing together two coherent sentences.

Indeed, most of the time any one individual sentence of Bush's is incomprehensible.

Of course, the above applies only to unscripted utterances. Bush is capable of competently reading a speech.

Bush also seems to have enough mental functioning to memorize answers to questions and regurgitate them verbatim. But Bush will often, in the midst of answering an unrehearsed question, veer off into one of his canned answers, however unrelated, just so he'll have words coming out of his mouth.

And what's with that droopy mouth of Bush's? Has George Bush had a stroke no one knows about? I thought Dick Cheney was the one with the severe cardiovascular problems.

George Bush: Evaluations

It is bewildering that mainstream "journalists" have lately been falling all over themselves to express the nation's relief that George Bush is not the total simpleton portrayed by Saturday Night Live's Will Ferrel.

What on earth are they basing that on? It seems to be the fact that since taking office George Bush has made some policy proposals. Conceived and written by others, such proposals do nothing to establish Bush's mental bona fides.

George Bush: Test Him!

Were Bush to take a standard battery of intelligence tests, I would wager a substantial sum that  in certain areas he would fall in the "impaired" range.

George Bush should be tested to assure the country that his level of cognitive capacity is sufficient to adequately discharge his duties.

George Bush: A Call for Information

A reader suggested that Bush has suffered brain damage from alcohol and cocaine abuse during his "When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible" days (which he admitted lasted until he was 40 years old).

Has anyone seen any expert medical commentaries on this possibility concerning George Bush?



August, 2004 UPDATE: Bush on powerful anti-depressants?


September, 2003 UPDATE: Exclusive Bush Photo!!

March, 2003 UPDATE on effects of George Bush's past alcoholism

George Bush: The Bottom Line

The powers that be need a pliable cretin to do their bidding.

George Bush is the one.


Hopefully George Bush will have enough intelligent people surrounding him so that he can successfully lead the country through the current terrorism crisis.


Amazingly good, especially given his past performances.  But Bush made two important omissions. See George Bush Speech.


Whenever I hear a commentator compliment George Bush for how "the President" has a brilliant strategy or how "Dubya" has a well-thought-out policy, I laugh out loud.

Even if Bush's strategies and policies didn't screw the American people big time, and we could consider them successes -- Do you really think Bush makes the decisions?!!

If you do, I have a wonderful large, metal structure in an aquatic setting in New York that I'd love to sell you.

Bush's advisers have the brains, not him. He's a puppet, a figurehead. The advisers and the big donors decide policy, Bush announces it. Get it?

While he is occasionally able to read a speech well, Bush is almost always incoherent without a teleprompter or canned answers. Perhaps alcohol or cocaine-induced brain damage. He should get tested. I'm truly scared to have someone like him with even figurehead powers.

(the above was from the new Rational Radical Weblog)

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