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Bogus "Class Warfare" Charge

Republicans are once again using verbal sleight-of-hand against the Democrats, and so far seem to be getting away with it.

When Democrats criticize the Bush tax cut plan, Republicans charge that the Democrats are using "class warfare" arguments, or even that they're actually fomenting class warfare.

Pointing out the economic injustice of the Bush tax plan isn't conducting class warfare. The Bush tax plan itself is class warfare.

A plan enabling the richest 10% or so of the population to aggrandize unto themselves even more of the nation's wealth than the 71% they already own, at the expense of the middle and working class -- that is class warfare with blood and guts, real life consequences.

It's like when Southerners accused Martin Luther King, Jr. of causing racial conflict when he marched against segregation. King's exposing and protesting against racial injustice was not the cause of racial conflict, the racial conflict was caused by the oppression of the African-American population.

Likewise, any class warfare that exists is caused by the Republican assault on the financial integrity of the poor and working class -- NOT by those who expose it.

Update:  Here's a mainstream columnist finally picking up this concept.

2004 Update:  Here's Bob Herbert on the latest example of greed at the top.


the Rational Radical: Bogus "Class Warfare" Charges

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