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Enough With Hollow "Regrets" for Civilian Casualties: Help the Victims

October 14, 2001

When U.S. bombs or missiles fail to reach their intended military targets, and instead go astray and kill and injure civilians and destroy civilian property, the U.S. government invariably issues its "regrets."

In such circumstances, we've killed or injured people we say we didn't mean to kill and injure, and indeed whom we had no right to kill and injure.  The victims are usually impoverished citizens of Third World countries.

As the richest nation on earth, we can and must back up our verbal "Sorry about that" with concrete steps to assist the victims or their survivors.

First:  The next-of-kin of civilians killed should receive a monetary payment from us in an amount customary in that area for accidental deaths.

Second: Injured civilians should be cared for at our expense locally.  If adequate medical care is not available in that area, we should airlift the injured parties to a location where such care can be received.

Third: If a family's breadwinner is killed or disabled, we should provide income support for the survivors until they can establish an alternate means of receiving a viable income.

Fourth: Destroyed property, whether houses, businesses, or public civilian facilities like schools or hospitals, should be rebuilt at our expense.

Let's do the right thing.

Let's act honorably.

Let's make substantive amends to those innocent men, women and children we accidentally injure or kill.

[Here's a link to a campaign to set up a fund to aid Afghan civilian victims]

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