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If You're a Liberal, Read This...

A man is walking along a river bank. He sees a baby drowning. He dives in and saves the baby. 

As soon as he starts walking again, the man sees another baby drowning. He jumps in the water and saves that baby. Then before he can get out of the water, he sees yet a third drowning baby, and saves that baby as well. 

Suddenly, the man begins to see more and more babies drowning, and promises himself that he'll do his utmost to save them all. 

Pretty soon the man is so busy saving drowning babies, that he doesn't notice the man upstream who is throwing the babies in the water. 

[This is my wording of a widely told parable among those who work in solidarity with people struggling for human rights in the Third World]


the Rational Radical: If You're a Liberal, Read This...
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