~ A Holocaust Every Six Months ~

~ Ten 9/11's Every Day ~


Dead children today:

Dead children this year:

Every day, 30,000 children under the age of five die around the world from hunger and/or preventable diseases.  That's 11,000,000 children a year (2002 figures).

Why do these children continue to die even as you read this?   Injustice and the extreme poverty it causes: the global economic system designed and enforced by the United States (Bretton Woods, World Bank, IMF, GATT, WTO) ensures that 25% of the world's people receive 75% of the income, and 20% of the world's people own 86% of the wealth.  

There's simply not enough left over for the world's other 4-5 billion people to survive.  

This is deliberate mass murder on an unprecedented scale: true hyper-terrorism compared to which any other terrorist acts -- however notorious -- pale into insignificance.

Dead children since you
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Where are our religious leaders on this issue?!

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