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Idiots Try to Find a Cure For Human Cancer by Injecting Mice With Human Cancer Cells

September 2, 2001

Let's see: in order to find a cure for human colon cancer, we'll take some human colon cancer cells and inject them into mice.  Then we'll try to kill those cancer cells in the mice.  If that happens, we've accomplished something.  NOT.

This is what Swedish scientists "accomplished."  Even the pro-animal-research New York Times had to admit that "[m]any treatments that look promising in mice prove disappointing when they are tested on people."


If it works in a mouse but that doesn't tell you if it works in a human, why bother? 

What if it doesn't work in a mouse?  Does that mean it couldn't work in a human?  Of course not.

Let's reverse roles, and assume we want to cure a type of mouse cancer.  If we took some mouse cancer cells and injected them into a human, then killed the cells in the human, would that mean anything about whether we could accomplish the same thing in a mouse?

What if we want to cure a type of cancer that pigs get?  If we inject an elephant with the pig cancer cells, and then kill the cells in the elephant, has that brought us closer to being able to cure that cancer in the pig?

Read this fine example of speaking truth to power by cancer research scientist Irwin D.J. Bross, Ph.D., director of biostatistics at Roswell Park Memorial Institute in New York:

Not a single new drug for the treatment of human cancer was first picked up by an animal model system...the results of animal model systems for drugs or other modalities have done nothing but confuse and mislead the cancer researchers who have tried to extrapolate from mice to man.

Moreover, when they have been used to guide clinical research they have sent investigators on one long and costly wild goose chase after another. Thus, scientifically speaking, the animal studies are a fraud.

Privately, they [vivisectors] will concede that animal models don't work, but they shrug this off because nothing works. [from PETA, which has much additional info on their site]

When those who needlessly torture and kill laboratory animals die and are awaiting entrance to either Heaven or Hell, they will hopefully find to their everlasting dismay that God is a huge mouse.

This was a selection from The Daily Diatribe

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