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Mel Gibson: "The Passion of the Christ"

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[ Thu Mar 11, 08:57:56 PM]
Gibson's Passion Profit
[T]he studio fat cats are reading Hollywood Reporter's headline that 'Gibson could make $200 mil off 'Passion''.
As a matter of principle he must give the vast bulk of that sum to helping the Matthew 25:31-46 "least of these" as Jesus commanded us. Oh, wait, that passage probably isn't in Gibson's Bible. It's not a bloody part.

By the way, has Gibson every specifically answered the question yes or no, did the Nazis adopt and carry out an explicit, systematic plan to wipe out every Jew on the face of the earth? All I've heard Gibson say is that in war there are atrocities, and yes Jews died.

And, has Gibson ever answered the question, yes or no, does he accept the Vatican II renunciation of the collective guilt doctrine regarding the death of Jesus as applied to the Jewish people. Gibson's church generally rejects Vatican II decisions.
[ Tue Mar 02, 02:31:14 PM]
I was marveling about all these "conservative Christians" flocking to see such a violent and disturbing film as Gibson's Passion. Then I realized something: these are people who probably never watch the mainstream type of violent film. But deep down, they really want to, and wonder what they're missing. After all, we all have that inclination to rubberneck as we drive by a bloody auto accident. So here's their opportunity, to see probably the goriest, longest torture scene every filmed, and feel good about doing so! It's OK, because it's "religious".
[ Tue Mar 02, 02:27:05 PM]
Have you heard about the new Director's Cut CD of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"? No more of this wimpy condensed version of Christ's suffering! The four-CD package is a full 12 hours long, a real-time experience of the torture and crucifixion of Jesus. You can relive all 720 minutes one by one: see every blow (many in slo-mo closeup) of the cat-o'-nine-tails! Experience every second of Christ hanging on the cross! Hear every cry and moan of agony! What better way to show your fidelity to Christianity than to purchase and watch this Director's Cut CD!
[ Wed Feb 25, 07:56:31 PM ]
The O'Reilly Factor - Transcript: Gibson on 'The Passion'
[If] it's going to be horrible and ugly, try and make the violence -- try and find the beauty in it, try and find the lyricism in it...
This is why I think Gibson is sick. There is no beauty or lyricism in violence. Only someone unhealthily addicted to watching and depicting violence would use such terms.
[ Tue Feb 24, 08:32:34 PM ]
An Obscene Portrayal of Christ's Passion
The centerpiece of the film is a long sequence constructed around the flogging of Jesus. It is the most brutal film episode I have ever seen, approaching the pornographic. Just when the viewer thinks the flaying of the skin of Jesus can get no crueler, it does. Blood, flesh, bone, teeth, eyes, eye sockets, ribs, limbs -- the man is skinned alive, taken apart. In these endless moments, with the torturers escalating instruments and vehemence both, the film puts Gibson's decadent 'Braveheart' imagination on full display.

On screen and in the theater, there is nothing to do but look away.
Gibson would seem to have a psychological problem: he achieves some sort of gratification from depicting extreme and repulsive violence.
[ Sun Feb 08, 09:54:36 PM ]
Gibson's "Passion"
Speaking of the film's R-rating, Gibson said it is justified given that the scenes of the crucifixion are brutal and relentless. 'Part of what I was endeavoring to do was to kind of push it to the edge a little bit,' he said. When it was suggested that he could have toned the film down, Gibson responded, 'Dude, I did tone it down.'
I personally think Gibson is mentally disturbed, with some compulsion to put the most revolting torture scenes he can get away with on film. How else to explain the disembowelment scene in Braveheart, and now his over-the-top graphic brutality in "Passion." Two such films from the same guy? Not unless he has a problem.
[ Fri Nov 28, 09:29:34 PM ]
Senior Rabbi: Don't Boycott Mel Gibson Film  Talk about a misleading headline! The Rabbi wants people to see the film, the article says, because it's such a bad example of scapegoating Jews, NOT because he thinks the film is OK, which is what the far-right headline writer apparently would like headline readers to believe.
[ Sun Aug 17, 11:02:58 PM]
Mel Gibson: The passion of the film star who directed the Holy Ghost  Good, comprehensive treatment of the Passion controversy.
[ Mon Aug 11, 11:42:29 AM]
Mel Gibson's controversial 'Passion'  Putting aside for a minute the issue of this film possibly encouraging anti-Semitic feelings and even actions, what's with Mel Gibson and his obsession with graphically portraying torture on screen? Remember the disembowelment scene in Braveheart? Now apparently the scourging and crucifixion of Jesus are portrayed in a sickeningly graphic style in Passion. If Gibson wants to portray torture graphically so that viewers can really be impacted by it, maybe he should venture closer temporally than hundreds or thousands of years ago. Why doesn't Gibson make a picture graphically portraying the fiendish tortures that U.S.-trained, -financed and, it has been charged, even -directed death squads in Central America inflicted on tens of thousands of innocent people a mere 20 years ago. At least that graphic depiction might impact current affairs a bit and save some future lives.


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