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Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Phony African-American "Leader," Should Shut Up About Jesse Jackson

August 21, 2001

The headline on wacky-right reads "Black Leader to Jesse Jackson: You're No Reverend." The article goes on to quote someone called the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson:

Now is the time to stand on moral principle and demand that Jackson drop the title 'Reverend,' and [to] speak out against this immoral man.

To the question, "Have they no shame?" the answer as to and Rev. Peterson is, clearly, "They have no shame.", which has a large and fast-growing conservative audience, is here shown in a pathetic attempt to elevate one bigmouth with a phantom following (called Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny) into a legitimate African-American leader. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson doesn't have the authority to call for a pizza delivery on behalf of anyone, let alone to call for Jesse Jackson to drop the title "Reverend."

As discussed earlier, and Fox News are both attempting to discredit the established African-American leadership and substitute individuals (like Rev. Peterson) of their own choosing.  Who's buying this con game is anyone's guess.

This was a selection from The Daily Diatribe

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