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Susan Estrich - Sycophant

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Estrich Talking Sense for a Change

You can't just answer the charges. You can't just say it ain't so.

You have to fight fire with fire, mud with mud, dirt with dirt.

The trouble with Democrats, traditionally, is that we're not mean enough. Dukakis wasn't. I wasn't. I don't particularly like destroying people. I got into politics because of issues, not anger. But too much is at stake to play by Dukakis rules, and lose again.

That is the conclusion Democrats have reached. So watch out. Millions of dollars will be on the table. And there are plenty of choices for what to spend it on.
And she lists some of them. Maybe now she won't feel inclined to tell Sean Hannity, one of the prime spreaders of the vicious lies about Kerry, how much she loves him.

Jack Clark 9:11 PM [+]
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Thursday, August 05, 2004

McCain Condemns Veterans' Anti-Kerry Ad

Republican Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, called an ad criticizing John Kerry's military service "dishonest and dishonorable" and urged the White House on Thursday to condemn it as well.

...Jim Rassmann, an Army veteran who was saved by Kerry, said there were only six crewmates who served with Kerry on his boat. Five support his candidacy, and one is deceased.
Much to his credit, Bill O'Reilly condemned the ad, as did his guest Dick Morris. Susan Estrich, filling in for Alan Colmes, should be praised also, doing a pretty good job cross-examining one of the veterans featured in the ad. Thankfully, Estrich exhibited none of her frozen-smile stares into the camera. On the down side, Hannity, true to form, did not condemn the ad. Hannity also obsessed about how horrible it was that Kerry admitted committing war crimes in Vietnam. In the next breath, Hannity condemns Kerry for accusing U.S. troops there of committing such war crimes. But if Hannity believes Kerry's admission, Hannity must also logically agree with Kerry's charge about U.S. troops in general there, since certain of the war crimes in question, free-fire zones for example, were clearly part of official military policy in Vietnam.

Jack Clark 8:48 PM [+]
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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Was Susan Estrich drunk yesterday when substituting for Alan Colmes on Hannity & Colmes? Even by the standard of her usual sycophancy, she was over the top. She said, more than once, how much she liked Sean Hannity and guest Newt Gingrinch, how they were her friends. She kept leaning so far back in her chair that she was almost horizontal. At one point she was getting so buddy-buddy with Newt it looked like she was ready to jump over and give him a lap dance. She also made sure we knew that Ann Coulter, another guest, was her friend. She seemed to take great delight in stating that Air America was "failing." (I don't know that to be true in any case). Estrich is filling the role of compliant, house liberal so well, "Doormat" Colmes better watch out for his job. Addendum: I forgot to mention, Estrich said that people come up to her in the bathroom and ask her how she could work for Fox, and that she replies "Are you hiring me?" Estrich seemed very proud of that response. Estrich is a law professor at USC. What, is she starving? She's so desperate for money she has to hire herself out as a house liberal at Fox?

Jack Clark 5:41 PM [+]
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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
I'm always criticizing Susan Estrich, but I must admit, aside from her opening frozen grin wooden dummy appearance, when she started talking the other night on Hannity & Colmes, she was kicking some ass.

Jack Clark 7:32 PM [+]
Post #108441562499394656

[ Fri Jan 23, 07:11:46 PM]
Neil Cavuto and Susan Estrich Join NewsMax --
Fox News financial guru Neil Cavuto and best-selling author and law professor Susan Estrich bring to NewsMax their wisdom and insight.
 This is the headline on today's page. I've been saying for months that Estrich's blatant ass-kissing of Sean Hannity was designed to get her another wishy-washy-token-obsequious-liberal slot at Fox, sort of a matching bookend to the right-wing-enabler Alan "The Doormat" Colmes. This columnist slot at is probably a carrot reward for her butt-smooching so far. I wonder how much further she'll have to go in order to get her coveted talk show slot on Fox?
[ Sun Jan 04, 09:38:02 PM]
Geraldo, Estrich: Limbaugh Probe 'Stinks'  The article calls them both liberals, thus their support of Rush supposedly surprising. Well, since coming to Fox, nary a liberal word has come out of Geraldo's mouth, only kowtowing to the Foxian ethic. As to kowtowing, Geraldo is just an amateur compared to Estrich, who in the fine tradition of Alan "The Doormat" Colmes, seems to take special pleasure in decrying unfairness to poor picked upon Republicans, like Arnold and Rush. Estrich, of course, is maneuvering for a talk show slot at Fox, as I see it, so her ass-kissing is a fine plan for her to achieve that goal.
[ Tue Dec 09, 09:35:10 PM]
Fox sycophant (and I believe wannabe-talk-show-host) Susan Estrich seems to have developed an annoying new quirk. Last night as she spoke she kept twitching her shoulders every which way, in a very distracting manner. If she has some disease, I apologize for criticizing her, but if not, can't the makeover artists who every show change her hairstyle, makeup and clothing strap down her shoulders also?
[ Thu Oct 16, 10:07:15 PM]
All of Susan Estrich's ass-kissing has paid off a bit: she's on Arnold's transition team. Remember, nothing in recent memory has gotten her so publicly angry as the publication date the LA Times chose for its Grope-inator story. She indignantly fired off a critical op-ed piece to the publication. As her ultimate goal, however, I still think she's sucking up for a Fox talk show host slot.
[ Fri Oct 03, 10:11:36 PM]
Susan Estrich Condemns 'Deplorable' L.A. Times  Continuing her apparent crusade to get a Fox News talk show, Estrich expresses more indignation at the timing of the LA Times article than she does over mass murder by Bush. Pathetic ass-kissing, which I hope gets her nowhere.
[ Thu Oct 02, 10:21:09 PM]
Did you see the Nuremberg-style rally on Fox tonight, otherwise know as the Hannity & Colmes show live from Philly? A rabidly pro-Fox, right-wing audience roared in approval whenever a right-wing cliche was uttered. Susan Estrich showed how low she is willing to go to land a spot as host of a Fox News talk show: I've never seen her as mad as tonight, and why was she mad? Because the LA Times had printed a negative story about Arnold 5 days before the election. That's certainly what in the world Estrich should be most mad about. And overall, how bold for the ultimate practitioners of character assassination ("traitors," "appeasers," "Neville Chamberlain," "fomenting class warfare," "un-American," "un-patriotic," etc etc) to be so upset at the language Democrats are using to describe Bush and others in his administration. And how sad that Alan Colmes and Estrich and their ilk seem more enthusiastic in condeming their fellow Democrats about using "inappropriate" language than in condemning the Bushian policies that have killed and maimed thousands and impoverished millions.
[ Fri Sep 19, 07:57:10 PM]
Susan Estrich on Fox still has that goofy, teeth-bared, face-wide grin on her face whenever she's not speaking. Who is telling her to do that? Is she being groomed (poorly!) to host her own program? I fear she will become another alleged "liberal" who will kowtow to the conservatives and be trampled upon.
[ Wed Jul 30, 09:08:05 PM]
What's with Susan Estrich's face on Fox? I'm not writing about her having had about a million makeovers since her first appearance. That's fine, she and they want her to look her best. What I'm talking about is her smiling. Apparently some Foxian advisor told her to smile more. So when she's not speaking but on camera, she forces this expression on her face that varies from a incongruous grin to a teeth-fully-exposed Joker's smile. Why can't she just sit there with a neutral expression on her face like everyone else? I wonder if they're grooming her to have her own talk show. She could join Alan Colmes and become the second house liberal. She certainly kisses Hannity's butt enough to qualify.


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