Comments to The Rational Radical

A note to my right-wing readers who desire to communicate with me: 

1. If you're contemplating ONLY calling me names, without presenting any facts to back them up, perhaps you should read this firstIn other words, if you want to call me a name, fine.  But back it up with facts.  Am I guilty of what I ask you not to do?  No.  I definitely do label people on the site ("hard-hearted," "ignorant"), but present evidence as to why the label is appropriate.  All I ask is that you do the same.

2. Please don't write me a book-length treatise on right-wing philosophy.  I don't have the time to wade through them.  Give me facts and logical conclusions based thereon.  Show me how I'm wrong, if you can.

3. Please don't write me a tirade saying my ideas are bad for the SOLE reason that the government sucks.  I know there are plenty of bloated, inefficient, wasteful, corrupt government programs, some of which actually make the problem worse. But you can't set up a straw man choice, between on the one hand, continuing the present course of action, often essentially doing nothing, and, on the other hand, instituting a bloated, inefficient, wasteful, corrupt government program.

4. A warning: I practice tough love towards the morally/spiritually-challenged.

All of this being hopefully understood, everyone can send comments to me by clicking here.