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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Cowardly Ann Coulter  It's totally appropriate that in her new book Treason Ann Coulter tries to rehabilitate the image of the nearly universally-reviled Sen. Joeseph McCarthy. That's because Ann Coulter is herself becoming a present-day Joe McCarthy. In Treason Coulter charges that liberals are guilty of the Constitutionally-defined, capital crime of treason. Last week, Alan Colmes asked Coulter which liberals alive today are guilty of treason. She refused to name anyone. Last night on Hardball (click here for transcript) Chris Matthews asked Coulter if Harry Truman committed treason. Coulter tried to avoid the direct question by starting to list Truman's supposed misdeeds. Matthews pressed her and finally Coulter admitted, no, Truman did not commit treason. Matthews asked her about JFK. No, Coulter admitted, JFK didn't commit treason. Then Matthews asked her who of present day Democratic Party leaders has commmitted treason. Again, Coulter showed she doesn't have the courage of her own convictions. She would not name a single person alive today who she claims has committed treason. Well gee, Ann, who are the people whom you titled a book after? Name some names, will you? Or are you really scared that if you do so, you'll be slapped with a slander lawsuit in which you'll have the burden of proving that the person committed treason? That's the real reason she won't name names, because she knows she could never prove the treason charge in court. Coulter claimed on Hardball that it was the Democratic Party itself that is treasonous. The Democratic Party does not have a mouth, or hands to write with. It cannot commit treason. Obviously if the Democratic Party has, in Coulter's mind, committed treason, it must be based on the words or actions of living human beings. Who are they, Ann? Tell us. Or admit that you don't really mean "Treason," you mean "Doesn't Agree with Ann Coulter."

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