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Friday, September 20, 2002

Boy, these right-wing guys are fast! When I read this story (sent in to me by a reader) about how Lula might actually win in Brazil, I was going to predict that it wouldn't be long after his election before the right starts ranting and raving about how Brazil is a threat, acting in an unacceptable manner, we have to intervene, etc etc. Well, I didn't have to predict, because it's already happening:
Voice of America Silent as Terrorist Threat Looms South of the Border

Well, then I'll make a prediction based on this article about African oil becoming increasingly important to the U.S: In Quietly Courting Africa, U.S. Likes the Dowry: Oil

It won't be long before in addition to Brazil, we hear Bush administration complaints about how the African governments in question are acting in an unacceptable manner, we have to intervene, etc etc. Very sad.

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Thursday, September 19, 2002
Whenever I hear a commentator compliment George Bush for how "the President" has a brilliant strategy or how "Dubya" has a well-thought-out policy, I laugh out loud.

Even if Bush's strategies and policies didn't screw the American people big time, and we could consider them successes -- Do you really think Bush makes the decisions?!!

If you do, I have a wonderful large, metal structure in an aquatic setting in New York that I'd love to sell you.

Bush's advisers have the brains, not him. He's a puppet, a figurehead. The advisers and the big donors decide policy, Bush announces it. Get it?

While he is occasionally able to read a speech well, Bush is almost always incoherent without a teleprompter or canned answers. Perhaps alcohol or cocaine-induced brain damage. He should get tested. I'm truly scared to have someone like him with even figurehead powers. See Bush Needs to Get Tested

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Pat Robertson said on Hannity & Colmes tonight that all of Islam -- not the radical fringe, but the entire religion -- is a sham and a big danger to the world. Asked to clarify his comment, he repeated it and gave what he felt were justifications for his view. It was scary to watch this unvarnished demonstration of hatred and religious intolerance. It must have sounded like this when Hitler's deputies were discussing Judaism. I wonder if Robertson's comments will create as big a brouhaha now as when Falwell said on his program, and Robertson agreed, that 9/11 happened because of homosexuals, the ACLU and others he dislikes bringing the wrath of God down upon us. This man has the potential to be -- if he isn't already -- a dangerous demagogue. If you can, try to catch the repeat broadcast. It's truly chilling!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002
Expanding on the last three paragraphs of this article: Saddam has had chemical and biological weapons for many years. His main goal is staying alive and staying in power. He does not have any martyr complex like many in Al Qaeda do. That's why even when we were bombing him in the Gulf War and kicking him out of Kuwait, he didn't use his biological or chemical weapons. We had made it known to him that if he did, we would possibly retaliate with nukes, and in any case would wipe him out. So he opted to stay alive and stay in power.

This would explain why he hasn't yet given any of his biological or chemical weapons to Al Qaeda (assuming that if he had, they would have used them already). Saddam wouldn't want to risk that these weapons could be traced back to him, thus triggering the end of his regime and his life, the two things he most wants to avoid.

So if we attack Iraq with the avowed goal of overthrowing him (and either killing him or putting him on trial for war crimes), the major impediment inhibiting Saddam from using these biological and chemical weapons himself, as well as giving them to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, would be removed.

Indeed, since Saddam is not stupid, he most likely has pre-positioned Iraqi agents throughout the world who are in possession of biological and chemical weapons, and who are under orders that if Saddam is killed or overthrown (or if he so orders when either of these events seem imminent), to hand these weapons over to Al Qaeda and/or other terrorist groups who would only be too glad to use them against us.

Saddam is a brutal tyrant, and I wouldn't be unhappy if he dropped dead tomorrow, or if we sent in an assasination team that killed him. But I just don't understand how telling Saddam we are coming to overthrow and kill him, is a way to prevent him from using these weapons, or giving them to terrorists. Instead, it seems a surefire way to make sure that is precisely what happens.

I invite comments refuting my logic.


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Hannity & Colmes is really shameless. Today they had solo political analyst segments with Robert MacFarland, Reagan's national security advisor; Peggy Noonan, Reagan's speechwriter; and Dick Morris, who though he deviated and worked for Clinton, is now back to being, in his post-toe-sucking reincarnation, a confirmed liberal basher.
Right-winger commentators: 3
Commentators who are left of Attila the Hun: 0
The Fox slogan "We report, you decide" should be "We brainwash, you try to fight it."

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Monday, September 16, 2002
Continuing my intrepid attempt to document the terrible imbalance in the selection of political commentators on Hannity & Colmes who appear in solo segments, last week Gen. Alexander Haig was on for a double solo segment, while today Donna Brazile appeared solo on only one segment. And of course, Haig is far more right-wing than Brazile is progressive (I won't even raise the issue of whether anyone managing Al "Pro-Contra" Gore's campaign should still be considered progressive at all).

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You've got to read this story, which appeared on both whacky-right Newsmax.com as Secret Document: Bush Supporters Planned Iraq Attack Before Election, and on the progressive news site commondreams.org as Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President. Shouldn't this be a big scandal or something, getting massive mainstream media attention? Oh, I forgot. We have a lapdog media.

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Sunday, September 15, 2002
N.Y. Times reporter David Cay Johnston deserves a big pat on the back. His continuing series on tax-cheating by the rich and the special tax breaks for the rich in the IRS code has produced results. Hunting Tax Cheats, I.R.S. Vows to Focus More Effort on the Rich. Before, the IRS was leaving Bush's friends alone, and concentrating on auditing low-income people!

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When U.S. pilots in Aghanistan screw up a single time and kill four Canadians, they get charged with manslaughter. 2 U.S. Pilots Charged With Manslaughter in Errant Bombing
But when U.S. pilots in Afghanistan screw up scores of times and in total kill somewhere between 1000 and 3000 Afghan civilians, not one time do they get charged with anything. Instead, ridiculous excuses are made.
I guess Afghan lives are just not that valuable.

Jack Clark 9:39 PM [+]  
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