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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Live Show Rebroadcast 03: Guest, Jock Chamberlain, "International Investment Banker To Progressive Journalist"


I'm Jack Clark, host of the Blast the Right podcast, two years old and going strong.

If this is the first time you're listening to Blast The Right, you can check out last week's podcast if you want to know what the regular, prerecorded show is like. That's the show which is the most listened to grass roots progressive podcast in the country.

What you're about to hear right now, is a sample of the recently started, live call-in version of the show.

The guest is Jock Chamberlain, former Green Beret and international investment banker (and a prep school ice hockey teammate of John Kerry!). You'll hear about Jock's journey from investment banker, to speaker of the truth about the need for the Third World to escape economic and political domination by the US and other First World nations.

Jock and I don't agree on everything though, so you'll hear some good debate as well!

For those who aren't familiar with podcasts, podcasts are a series of mp3 audio files that you download to your computer or portable music device (iPod or other) and then can listen to whenever you want.

You don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts.

Podcast software like iTunes will automatically check a podcast at intervals you specify, and download any new installments.

iTunes is free and very easy to use.

In iTunes, if you want to subscribe to my podcast, just click on Advanced at the top right, then choose Subscribe to Podcast, and paste in the URL

That's the URL to use for other podcast-friendly software programs as well.

Alternatively, you can just manually download new episodes from my podcast home page as they become available. Here is a link to my podcast's home page:


Jack Clark 7:40 PM [+]  
Post #5893117857255557752


Greetings Jack,

I'm a big fan of the show and hope it continues to receive visibility on Podcast Alley and in iTunes. However, I have a couple of tough love suggestions for future interviews. The whole point of an interview is to provide an interface for your listeners to learn from and better understand the interviewee; of course, that does not mean the listeners will be in total agreement with the interview subject or that the interviewer should conduct a worthless "softball" encounter.

That said Jack you interrupted Mr. Chamberlain far too many times for us to get any kind of information flow from the Podcast. Ideally we should be hearing the interviewee 80% of the time and the interviewer only 20% at most. I thought that Chamberlain's transformation from an All-American right-winger who unquestioningly accepted our government propaganda to a thoughtful global citizen is fascinating, and I've wished you had allowed him to express that in more depth.

Go back and listen to the Podcast again, and I think you'll hear that just when he gets rolling you interject your commentary on top of his life experiences – a particularly egregious example is when he lets us know that he actually met Somoza. That's a great chance for us to get into the mindset of what Somoza was like as well as his sycophants.

I guess what I’m trying to say here Jack is that an interview is all about the interviewee and that person’s experiences which is why you selected that individual to be on the program in the first place. Obviously you need to ask some probing and tough questions, but those questions should be brief and well-timed and not step on the recollections and context provided by the interview subject. I know a bit about this having lived overseas for many years and conducting many interviews on English-language media both radio and TV, in Italy, Panama, Korea and Thailand.

I realize no one likes criticism. But I really do mean this in a constructive and helpful way because your show is very informative and serves a central role during a time when corporate media has decided to offer us more channels than ever, ironically served up with an all-time low of useful information and truth.

Thank you for Blast the Right and please keep up the good work.


You know what? If you're too far left or right that's a problem in ANY society or country. Extremism to the left leads to a near total collapse of good order and discipline (a term you may have heard of before). While too far right leads to a closed third reich culture. So do we strive for center as a goal? Impossible, however when forced to find the best ratio of Lib Con composition, it is easy to see that right of center works best for ALL. It preserves our culture (American) and constitution. Lets see...Dennis Kucinnich or Jim Gilmore? See what I mean? IF that were the ticket you know darn well it would be President Gilmore. EOM

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