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Friday, September 28, 2007

Live Show Rebroadcast 02: Guest, Chuck Kaufman, Nicaragua Network/Venezuela Solidarity


I'm Jack Clark, host of the Blast the Right podcast, two years old and going strong.

If this is the first time you're listening to Blast The Right, please go back to last week's podcast if you want to know what the regular, prerecorded show is like.

The regular prerecorded show now comes out every other week. Listeners suggested I include the recently started live show in this feed on the off weeks.

So what you're about to hear is the live call-in version of the show. The sound quality is not great, but you'll get used to it real quickly.

On this podcast home page at the bottom of the right-hand column, is a poll where you can vote on whether I should continue including the live show in this feed.

Now here's the full one hour version of the live show. This week features an interview with Chuck Kaufman, head of the Nicaragua Network and also temporary head of Venezuela Solidarity. I've known Chuck for 20 years. He has vast knowledge about US anti-democratic interventions in the Third World. You can expect a lively discussion.

For those who aren't familiar with podcasts, podcasts are a series of mp3 audio files that you download to your computer or portable music device (iPod or other) and then can listen to whenever you want.

You don't need an iPod to listen to podcasts.

Podcast software like iTunes will automatically check a podcast at intervals you specify, and download any new installments.

iTunes is free and very easy to use.

In iTunes, if you want to subscribe to my podcast, just click on Advanced at the top right, then choose Subscribe to Podcast, and paste in the URL

That's the URL to use for other podcast-friendly software programs as well.

Alternatively, you can just manually download new episodes from my podcast home page as they become available. Here is a link to my podcast's home page:


Jack Clark 10:02 PM [+]
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Reading material and thought process as the one on your site, really makes me proud to be a citizen of this great country of ours. Folks with such a naive and confused view of the reality of things have full access to display your rhetoric and actually think it's doing some good. Just be sure to thank a vet and their 'imperialistic' ways, for giving you the chance to practice these rights. Just remember that freedom isn't free. If you don't believe this, ask the progressive thinking folks in the Chinese, North Korean, Venzuelan, Nicaraguan or even Mexican governments. God Bless the UNITED STATES and those whom protect her!

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