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Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Continues to Entertain Us

January 19, 2002

The capacity of human beings to make fools of themselves appears limitless.  Just when I didn't think the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson could act in a more absurd fashion, he goes and proves me wrong.  While for purposes of having a serious discussion this gentleman is certainly not worth the cyber-ink being expended upon him here, we all do need a good laugh now and then, so it is with that purpose in mind that I present the further foibles of the reactionary reverend.

We already know that Rev. Peterson has called for Jesse Jackson to give up the title Reverend, and has expressed fear that Jesse Jackson will have him killed.  Apparently not having gotten enough publicity from these two stunts, Rev. Peterson has undertaken two further public relations projects.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: The Lawsuit

First, Rev. Peterson this week sued Jackson and others in Los Angeles Superior Court for assault and battery allegedly committed when Rev. Peterson attended a press conference being held by Jackson and Toyota to announce Toyota's multi-billion dollar program to aid minorities.  If you care to, read the complaint, and laugh at the overblown allegations that will likely get thrown out of court.

Not surprisingly, the lawsuit was filed on Peterson's behalf by Judicial Watch, that rabid right-wing lawsuit factory.  Judicial Watch denies being partisan, and claims to be set up to "root out corruption in our government and to make sure offenders are brought to justice."  One might ask, what does suing Jackson have to do with that?

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: His Own Version of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

In any event, the other desperate attempt by Rev. Peterson to garner publicity takes the form of his "Third Annual National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson," to be marked by a rally in Los Angeles January 21, outside the offices of Jackson's PUSH offices.  Rev. Peterson's website says the event will be held every year on the Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday until Jackson "repents of his wrongs."

A few choice excerpts from Rev. Peterson:

Jesse Jackson is desperate and out of control.

Jackson has recently attempted to undermine the Bush Administration and the 'War on Terrorism'.

Jackson is currently attempting to 'shakedown' corporations like Toyota Motors to enrich himself and his cronies.

He doesn't care about poor blacks.

[H]is brand of exploitation has set race relations back fifty years...

(Talk about bad taste: in connection with the day commemorating a civil rights leader who was assassinated, Rev. Peterson posts a photo of Jesse Jackson with a crossed-out red circle over it.)

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: On Hannity & Colmes

I would be remiss in my attempt to provide you with some laughs were I not to also present some of Rev. Peterson's lunacy during his appearance this week on the Fox News talk show Hannity & Colmes:

HANNITY: Joining us now, the founder of BOND, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson.

... Jesse, you filed a lawsuit against the Reverend Jackson today. And you told me earlier today that if anything happens to you, you want me to take a copy of the tape to the authorities, because you think, if anything happens to you, you want the authorities to look at Reverend Jackson.

REV. JESSE LEE PETERSON, BOND: Absolutely. Sean... Over the last 12 years, Sean, I've been called nigger, Uncle Tom. I've had guns drawn on me. But my experience with Jesse Jackson and his friends, his associates on December 10 was something that I will never forget. And for the first time I had a real threat -- I mean, fear for my life.

And I want to even make the statement here, if anything should happen to me -- Sean, you are a friend of mine -

I urge you to turn this tape over to the authorities and ask them to look at Jesse Jackson, his friends or associates, to arrest them before they do anyone else, because I am concerned for my life.

HANNITY: Jesse, do you really believe that the Reverend Jackson would have you killed?

PETERSON: Well, you know, Sean, after what happened on December 10, I would not personally put it past him. I don't think that he would do it himself.

But I would not put it past him that he wouldn't encourage someone else to do it.

Give me a break!

Not to give a left-handed compliment to the Rev. Peterson's potential as a standup comic, but I must admit I laughed harder when I saw Rev. Peterson on Hannity & Colmes than I have at any Saturday Night Live skit in a long time.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: A Sick Man?

It's an elementary principle of psychiatry that we often accuse others of being guilty of that which we most don't want to recognize in ourselves.

Rev. Peterson's lament that Jesse Jackson may have him killed, as well as the allegations by Rev. Peterson in his lawsuit, reflect the same type of whining, self-aggrandizing sense of victimhood that Peterson accuses mainstream civil rights groups of fostering in the African-American community.

In all honesty, I actually feel a little sorry for the guy.

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