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Kevin Martin & Jesse Lee Peterson: Presents More Wisdom From Its African-American Leaders

August 22, 2001

Yesterday, graced its home page with the wisdom of the eminent African-American leader the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who demanded that Jesse Jackson drop his Reverend title.

Today, the American public should again be grateful to, this time for making room not only for the Jesse Jackson-bashing insights of another well-known "civil rights leader" in the African-American community, Kevin Martin, but also for the further thoughts of Rev. Peterson, who called for all Americans to boycott the NAACP.

Who?!  Huh?!  Precisely.

I understand that tomorrow, Rev. Peterson and Mr. Martin will be holding a joint press conference to announce the formation of a committee to build a memorial honoring that great champion of African-American civil rights, Sen. Jesse Helms, who will be retiring from the Senate after his current term.

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