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Fox News Muzzles Hosts on Chandra Levy

July 22, 2001

Are Fox News hosts and guests being muzzled on Chandra Levy comparisons?  When Sean Hannity asked Fox commentator Newt Gingrich to evaluate Gary Condit's conduct, Hannity failed to even bring up Gingrich's own experience having an adulterous affair with a lower-level, much younger Congressional employee.  I assumed it was Hannity's denseness or hypocrisy. But then "No-Spin Zone" maven Bill O'Reilly interviewed Gingrich on the same subject and also was mute.

If O'Reilly was interviewing a former bank robber about a current robbery, O'Reilly would certainly bring up his guest's background and avail himself of the guest's expertise.  Since O'Reilly is not shy about getting in guest's faces, I was wondering if he'd say something like "Mr. Speaker, you've had first-hand experience having an affair with a younger government employee.  What light can you shed on Gary Condit's conduct in connection with Chandra Levy, and on what must be going through his head?" O'Reilly's failure to do so was bad journalism, and a disservice to his viewers.  One could call it "spinning" by omission.

Further: Fox guests sometimes point out that affairs such as with Chandra Levy are not limited to Democrats.  But with only one exception I can recall, Gingrich's affair -- one of the most recent and comparable such episodes -- is never among the Republican examples the guests give.

Has Fox News head Roger Ailes muzzled his hosts -- and maybe even Fox News guests -- with respect to the Chandra Levy scandal in order to protect his commentator Newt Gingrich?

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