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Did Gary Condit's Big Lie Impede Chances of Finding Chandra Levy Alive?

July 23, 2001

I vehemently disagree with Gary Condit's politics, and in the Chandra Levy situation he has acted like a sleazebag. He well deserves much of the criticism he is receiving.  Yet as a matter of intellectual curiosity, I can't help but wonder:

Much of the criticism of Condit relates to his not admitting to the police at their first two meetings that he was having a sexual relationship with Chandra Levy.  Had he admitted this right away, the pundits repeat ad nauseam, it would have given the police a better shot at finding her alive.


Only if Condit or an accomplice had kidnapped Chandra Levy and she was being held alive somewhere, might such information about his sexual relationship with Levy have been relevant, in that it would have given the police more reason to suspect his involvement.

But didn't the police already know about the affair, from Levy's family?  One assumes the police would have been investigating whether Gary Condit was behind the disappearance anyway.  Indeed, Condit's lie certainly made the police more suspicious of him, not less.

On the other hand, assume Gary Condit was not behind Chandra Levy's disappearance, and that a third party unrelated to Condit had abducted her.  How would the knowledge that Condit had a sexual relationship with Levy have helped the police in tracking her down in that third party's custody?

None of this excuses Gary Condit's lying, or absolves him if he has withheld any other pertinent information from the police.

But it annoys me when conclusions are asserted that make no sense.

I am certainly willing to be corrected on this, so please tell me how I'm wrong!

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