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Rudolph Giuliani or Randy Rudy:

Strippers? No way. Mistresses? Okay!

Rudolph Giuliani is at it again. The New York City Mayor is once again trying to shut down New York City's adult bookstores, peepshows and topless bars.

Rudolph Giuliani: A bit of recent background

Rudolph Giuliani is fighting prostrate cancer. Facing his own mortality, and understandably also thinking of what type of legacy he will leave, Giuliani claimed to have come to a new understanding of life's priorities.

Giuliani said that repairing his relations with New York City's minority communities was now a top goal. One would have thought that other pressing issues, like the continued plight of homeless families in the city's ineffective and cruel shelter system, would also be in Giuliani's new radar range.

Rudolph Giuliani: the current campaign

Unfortunately, it seems that issues like minority relations and housing will have to wait.

While we've seen little, if any, effort focused on those issues, Giuliani has found the time and energy to direct city attorneys and others, whose time and skill could certainly be put to use in other areas, to re-write and then enforce laws which would, in effect, shut down most of the city's adult entertainment businesses.

Rudolph Giuliani: The Hypocrisy

Besides this Puritanical obsession being a ridiculous misdirection of the government's limited resources, even more pointedly, Giuliani's actions are hypocritical to the extreme.

In Giuliani's view, working class guys shouldn't be able to enjoy a local strip club, but it's okay for him to commit adultery by having a mistress! Not only that, but his mistress should be provided with city police protection when Giuliani is not busy squiring her around the City.

Maybe Rudolph Giuliani should spend less time worrying about other men looking at naked breasts, and more time applying his ostensibly strict moral standards to himself!


This commentary was written last spring.  Let it be acknowledged that Mayor Giuliani has done a great job in the aftermath of September 11.

That great job, however, does not negate the validity of the many criticisms of Rudolph Giuliani's mayoral actions made before then, both here and elsewhere.


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