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Cuban-American Hard-liners Are Apparently Scared of Musicians

August 23, 2001

After suffering a defeat last year in their valiant attempt to stop a little boy from being reunited with his loving father, the hard-line element of the Cuban-American community has finally scored a major victory.

According to The New York Times,

Months after announcing to considerable fanfare that the Latin Grammy Awards would move to Miami from Los Angeles, event organizers have pulled the show from South Florida over fears that Cuban-American protesters would disrupt the event.

Why would some Cuban-Americans object to the Latin Grammy Awards being held in Miami?

Critics of having the show here argued that the ceremony could provide a platform for pro-Castro Cuban artists.

But according to the Miami Herald:

Several Cuban musicians are nominated this year, but none were scheduled to perform and it was unclear whether any would be attending the ceremony.

Even if a "pro-Castro" singer or band leader did attend, and did get an award and did say something favorable about Castro, this fanatical element of the Cuban-American community is so insecure that they need to prevent that?

And so much for free speech.

But we already know how much this hard-line element of the Cuban-American community cared about such things when they were the big shots in dictator Batista's Cuba, and, after they came to the U.S., how much they have concerned themselves about such Constitutional niceties here.

This was a selection from The Daily Diatribe

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