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Bill O'Reilly Takes a Spin!

Bill O'Reilly!

The No Spin Zone

The Factor

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Bill O'Reilly has become a true phenomenon indeed.

Bill O'Reilly and his No-Spin Zone show "The Factor" are top-rated on the Fox News cable channel.

Even TV Guide ran a glowing piece about O'Reilly.

But let's go beyond the hype:

Bill O'Reilly Falsely Claims to Speak for Workers

O'Reilly's false claim

Two fans of Bill O'Reilly prove they've been duped!

Bill O'Reilly Can't Even Tell the Truth About Himself

If a talk show pundit brags about running a No-Spin Zone, how can you believe him when he misrepresents his own background?

O'Reilly claims to have a "working class" upbringing.  He seems to feel that gives him some insight into how to look out for "the little guy," one of his self-appointed roles.  Problem is, O'Reilly's childhood was not "working class" at all.  See Bill O'Reilly #1.

Bill O'Reilly Advocates Mass Murder!

Bill O'Reilly had the brilliant idea that in order to force the overthrow of the Taliban, we should deliberately starve the civilian population of Afghanistan.  O'Reilly threw in Libya and Iraq for good measure.  Even O'Reilly's military guest that day was appalled at the idea. See Bill O'Reilly #2.

O'Reilly didn't know, and his staff was apparently too ignorant to find out for him, that besides being completely immoral, his idea violates the Geneva Convention on the conduct of war, a treaty which the U.S. is firmly committed to upholding.  See Bill O'Reilly #3.

Bill O'Reilly Has a Jesse Jackson Obsession!

O'Reilly has devoted scores of segments to his unsubstantiated criticisms concerning the finances of Jesse Jackson's organization Operation Push.  The bottom line is, O'Reilly never seems to have risked anything for anybody, and he and other talk show blowhards have no right to criticize those like Jackson who have risked everything for others.   See Bill O'Reilly #4.

On a related note, O'Reilly has made the historically dubious claim that the Irish suffered as much under British rule as African-American slaves did under U.S. slavery!  Bill O'Reilly #5.

Can Bill O'Reilly Ever Admit He's Wrong?

Bill O'Reilly, even when presented with irrefutable evidence that he is wrong, refuses to admit it.  This instance relates to his false charges about the United Way. Bill O'Reilly #6. is how you get in touch with O'Reilly to tell him you're onto his game!

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