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Bush Administration Sides With Tobacco Industry Against the Rest of the World

U.S. Causes Failure of Efforts to Ban Smoking Ads

December 1, 2001

The entire world was ready to agree to ban cigarette advertising.  Except one country.  Guess which one that was?

The U.S. objected, and the talks to establish a global anti-tobacco agreement failed.

There was also a proposed ban on putting "light" or "low-tar" labels on packs of cigarettes.  The Bush adminstration also opposed that, despite the fact that the National Cancer Institute just released a study saying that such types of cigarettes do not offer a reduced risk of lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases.

There was one area of activity that the Bush officials supported, however, measures to curb cigarette smuggling:

The United States is pushing for measures to stop the practice and introduced an addendum to the proposed treaty that would commit countries to fight smuggling.

So the only thing the U.S. supports is a measure to ensure that cigarette companies get the profits from the sale of the deadly carcinogens.

Oppose health measures, and support only corporate profits: sounds just like the Bush administration, doesn't it?

At least they're consistent.

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