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Dick Morris Blasts Bill Clinton on Terrorism, Fails to Apply Criticism to Himself

December 29, 2001

Dick Morris built his career as a political gun-for-hire, working, it seems for virtually anyone who would pay him cold hard cash.  How else to explain someone who could toil for both Jesse Helms and Bill Clinton?

Since his toe-sucking-whore fiasco, Morris has rebuilt a career not as a pollster or political consultant to politicians, but as a columnist and a political analyst on Fox News.

Whenever I want to know what will happen, I listen to what Morris says, and then assume the opposite will be the case.  More often than that, this is quite an accurate method to predict political events.  For example, when I heard Dick Morris opine that he knew that Hillary Clinton was not going to run for the Senate, I thought "I guess she's running."

Enough random Morris-bashing.  He obviously does possess certain highly developed political skills, or Clinton wouldn't have kept him around all those years.  Which brings us to the point of this commentary:

A big part of Morris's new career as pundit is lambasting Bill Clinton for Clinton's errors while in office, with the spin that if only Clinton had listened to Morris, things would have turned out much better.  Morris breathlessly reveals "inside information" to bolster his points.

Morris in now engaged in a multi-part series of appearances on Fox in which he is revealing all the recommendations to fight terrorism that Morris made, and Bill Clinton failed to implement.  The underlying premise of the series is that Clinton's failure to listen to Dick Morris helped create the terrorism mess we're in now.  As Morris snidely concluded, "The guy just didn't get it."

I'm no great fan of Bill Clinton, and I frankly don't want to get into the details of what Morris says he recommended and Bill Clinton didn't do.  Let's assume everything Morris says he recommended he did recommend, and everything he says Bill Clinton failed to do, Bill Clinton failed to do.

What I want to ask is, if at that time it was so obvious to Dick Morris that Clinton's failure to follow Morris's recommendations was endangering the nation, why didn't Morris at that time do something about it?  Why didn't Morris threaten to resign and go public if Clinton didn't take those steps that Morris at that time knew were so important?  Why didn't Morris -- if he did "get it" -- quit and go public to warn the American people about the grave risk Clinton was creating by failing to follow Morris's recommendations about fighting terrorism?  Damn, Morris could have gone back to some of his Republican buddies and given them the ammo to blast Clinton for his republic-endangering failure to follow Morris's anti-terrorism steps.

One reason that Morris didn't take any of those public steps could be that he's a moral coward, and didn't want to upset his boss, the most powerful man in the world. 

While not wanting to denigrate the possibility that Morris is a moral coward, I think in this instance the more likely explanation is that at that time, Morris, like Clinton, like -- with a few exceptions -- virtually all of Congress, the media and the American public, just did not take seriously the threat of a terrorist attack on American soil.  The exceptions who were at that time speaking out publicly about the vulnerability of our nation to terrorist attack are the only ones who have the right to be Monday-morning quarterbacking now.

Dick, if you're going to be a Monday-morning quarterback, you should avoid areas where you yourself could have influenced the course of events in just the manner you are criticizing others for failing to do!

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