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Brit Hume Vies with Pentagon Spokesman for Most Vile Statement of the Week (or Maybe the Year): Part One

December 5, 2001

Public figures make statements of incredible stupidity, callousness or disingenuousness quite often.  So what it takes to really get my attention is when a statement combines all three of these unattractive attributes.

Brit Hume is the anchor of the Fox News 6 p.m. newscast "Special Report."  According to a recent article in The New York Times, Hume

said he had avoided giving too much weight to reports about civilian casualties in Afghanistan.

"O.K., war is hell, people die," he said. "We know we're at war. The fact that some people are dying, is that really news? And is it news to be treated in a semi-straight-faced way? I think not."

It would be easier on my stomach to not have to explicitly tease out what is offensive about this statement, and rather, to just allow most readers' visceral repulsion upon reading it to suffice.  However, doing my duty to analyze, for those who don't get it without some help, here goes:

Stupid: It's not news when American bombs kill scores of civilians at a time -- at least several hundred total to date -- in a war touted as so high-tech that we can avoid that very thing happening?

Callous: Fox reports every single American death or injury.  Aren't the deaths of soldiers to be expected in war also?  I guess Afghan lives are not worth reporting about.

Disingenuous: Does Hume really expect us not to understand the reason Fox News avoids reporting civilian deaths?  That reason, of course, is to avoid presenting any facts that could diminish support for the type of war Bush is waging.

Now, what could the Pentagon have possibly said that is in competition with Hume's words of wisdom?

Tune in tomorrow...

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