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U.S., Afraid to Use Its Own Soldiers to Guarantee Food Aid to Starving Millions, Also Refuses to Let Europeans Do So

November 30, 2001

While many thought that the conquest of northern Afghanistan by the Northern Alliance and the resultant end of U.S. bombing there would allow food shipments to resume in significant enough quantities to prevent mass starvation of millions of Afghans, the opposite has been happening.

According to The New York Times, the level of tonnage being delivered has actually dropped by 50% in the last two weeks.

The main problem is insecurity. Towns and cities are so chaotic that relief agencies cannot safely operate. Many roads are off limits because of lawlessness and banditry.

Most foreign aid workers have yet to return to Afghanistan because their organizations fear for their safety, a fear underlined by the killings of eight foreign journalists.

"Our expectations for returning quickly and resuming our work were certainly not met," said Oliver Ulrich of the United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. "The general lawlessness is a huge problem not knowing who is in control and who can assure your safety."

Instead of new supply routes opening up to fleets of trucks, old routes are shutting down.

The U.S. bombing campaign forced a halt to the truck convoys carrying food aid at a crucial time, right before the harsh Afghan winter.  The U.S. has a moral obligation to quickly establish law and order so that millions don't starve because of our bombing.

What is completely and absolutely disgusting is that not only won't the U.S. send its own troops to do the job, but it won't let anyone else do it either!

Several European nations have been eager to send thousands of troops to parts of Afghanistan no longer controlled by the Taliban to bring order and ease aid shipments, but American officials so far are resisting.

The Bush administration said today that it was too soon to send international peacekeepers to Afghanistan, calling the conditions there too uncertain and too dangerous for that mission.

Huh?!  Conditions are "too uncertain and too dangerous" for soldiers?!

The European nations understand that "uncertain" and "dangerous" areas are precisely where soldiers are supposed to go.  That's what they're trained for.

Early in the war, aid groups asked for a short bombing halt to allow food shipments in.  The U.S. refused.

Then after the Taliban fell, the British started landing troops near Mazar-i-Sharif to establish security in that area.  The Northern Alliance objected, and the British scuttled the idea.

Since then, the Northern Alliance has shown that it either cannot establish order or doesn't want to.  And it won't let anyone else do so either.

It's almost like the United States and its best new friend, that band of human rights abusers and former dictators of Afghanistan known as the Northern Alliance, actually want to see mass starvation.

It's really quite incomprehensible.  Unless, of course, the explanation is that we have some "evil-doers" among those leading us.

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