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Afghan Children Being Maimed and Killed As They Pick Up Unexploded U.S. Cluster Bombs

November 25, 2001

The food packets being dropped on Afghanistan are yellow.  The cluster bombs being dropped on Afghanistan are designed to break up and disperse dozens of smaller bombs, which are yellow.  A concern immediately expressed by humanitarian officials was that children looking for food would see a yellow unexploded cluster bomb and think it was a food package. They would grab the bomb and be killed or maimed.

That is what is now happening.  Even The New York Times, a newspaper which has been notoriously averse to doing any serious investigations of civilian casualties, just reported that a 10 year old, mistaking a cluster bomb for a food package,  lost three fingers and is expected to lose his whole hand.

A 16 year-old was decapitated after picking up a piece of that same bomb.  Two other children were also injured.  This is just in one neighborhood.

[It can't help but be noted that the "parent" cluster bomb in question, when it initially landed, killed twelve people, most from the same extended family.  This was not reported by The New York Times until now, in the context of the yellow color issue.]

Of course, even children not looking for food can pick up these and other types of unexploded ordinance.  Not to mention the fact Afghanistan is strewn with millions of land mines from its previous wars.

Now that the fighting is almost over, the United States must take responsibility to spend whatever it takes to rid the country of all this unexploded ordinance, certainly that portion of it resulting from our present bombing campaign.

Cluster Bomb Color Still Not Changed!

Addressing the immediate issue of the common yellow color of cluster bombs and food packages, one must ask, what is wrong with the U.S. government? 

They said they would change the color of the food packages to blue, after the supply of yellow food packages ran out.  That's obscene!  Why didn't they immediately change the color of the food packages?

Certainly they can find a use for the yellow packages. They can be utilized the next time we distribute food to hungry people on whom we are not also dropping cluster bombs.

When the Soviet Union was fighting the mujahedeen in Afghanistan, it scattered land mines disguised as toys.  Our actions now are not much better.  Every yellow cluster bomb dropped after the U.S. military became aware of the confusion-with-food-packages issue is akin to a war crime!

Every child who loses an arm or a foot, we cut it off.  Every child who is killed, we cold-bloodedly executed.

It would have been the simplest thing in the world to have switched the color.  But we didn't.  And we still haven't.

All that blood is on our hands.

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