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Dictator-supporting U.S. Demands "Democracy" From Democracy-establishing Sandinistas

September 3, 2001

As noted in an earlier discussion detailing U.S. interference in the upcoming Nicaraguan presidential election, a State Department spokesman in Washington "warned" on July 24 that

we will continue to have serious concerns about the Sandinistas, absent clear commitments from candidate Ortega that he is now prepared to embrace democratic policies.

In 1912 U.S. Marines invaded Nicaragua, and stayed for the better part of two decades.  After they left in 1933 the U.S. supported a succession of dictatorships in Nicaragua for 46 years.

In 1979 the Sandinistas, led by Daniel Ortega, overthrew the U.S.-supported Somoza dictatorship and established democracy.  In 1984 Ortega was elected to the Nicaraguan presidency in an election virtually all observers except the United States considered fair.  In 1990 Ortega was defeated in a bid for re-election.  He left office in a peaceful transfer of power, the first time in Nicaraguan history.  Ortega said:

We leave victorious because we Sandinistas have spilled blood and
sweat not to cling to government posts, but to bring Latin America a little dignity, a little social justice.

So the U.S. supports a dictatorship for 67 years, the FSLN led by Ortega overthrows the dictator and institutes democracy, and the U.S. is lecturing Ortega about having a commitment to democracy?!

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