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The Political Spectrum Shifts Rightward, and Tom Tomorrow Asks "Are You a Left Wing Wacko?"

August 7, 2001

If you grew up in the 1950's and 1960's, or if you've studied that era, you know that the political spectrum has shifted rightward a great deal since then.  Bill Clinton and others from the Democratic Leadership Council segment of the Democratic Party -- because of the policies they espouse -- would have been "Rockefeller Republicans" back then. 

This rightward shift has meant that those of us with a progressive bent have been increasingly marginalized during the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush Republocrat administration of the past 20 years.  How ridiculously far this process has taken us is deliciously illustrated by the inimitable Tom Tomorrow in his "Are You a Left Wing Wacko" cartoon strip:

tom tomorrow cartoon

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