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New York Times Buries Story About Harmful Effects of Welfare Reform

August 26, 2001

The New York Times devoted one paragraph the other day to a report that "welfare changes have led to rising hunger and homelessness among the city's poorest residents."  This one paragraph item was buried on page 17.

Let's see what was on page one that day: China facing an AIDS epidemic; the Condit interview; Bush announcing the U.S. will quit the ABM pact.  So far, pretty important, newsworthy stuff.

To continue with the page one stories: an analysis of the budget surplus-Social Security conundrum; rising law school admissions; public records online cause privacy concerns; and food shortages cause bears to enter towns looking for food.

Well, I'm no news editor, but I'd certainly rank the welfare report above at least the last three items on page 1.  Not to mention a whole lot of the other stories in the newspaper between pages 2 and 17.

But then again, I, like many others, think stories detailing how government policies are hurting our most vulnerable citizens are quite important, and the New York Times editors -- at least as evidenced in this instance -- apparently don't.

[To see this report, from the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, go here and then click on "Reports/Publications," then "Full Text of Selected Committee Reports, then "Welfare Reform in New York City"]

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