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Have You Seen the Ridiculous "Bush Country" T-Shirt?

August 13, 2001

There is a widespread notion in the country that the Bush presidency is somewhat less than legitimate, since he lost the popular vote, and gained an Electoral College victory only through a Supreme Court diktat.

Rabid right-wingers, apparently desperate, have enlisted a ridiculous T-Shirt  to counter this belief.

The Bush Country T-shirt shows a map of the United States coded not state by state, but county by county -- the now-familiar red for Bush, blue for Gore.  On a county by county basis, the nation is indeed awash in red.  All this red "Bush Country" must have looked very exciting to the T-shirt designers and their conservative backers.

But what does this map actually mean, given that the popular vote and the electoral college were virtually evenly divided?  It merely means that a large number of the most sparsely populated areas of the country voted for Bush.  What this bizarre fact proves to the right-wingers about the legitimacy of the Bush presidency is anyone's guess, but it doesn't prove much to me.

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