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Automatic Connection Charge: Isn't This One of the Biggest Penny Ante Corporate Rip-offs?

August 11, 2001

Do you share my bewilderment at what has got to be one of the worst penny ante corporate rip-offs?

After you dial local information and -- without the involvement of a live human -- the recording gives you the requested telephone number, a different recorded voice comes on the line and sweetly asks if you would like to be connected automatically for 45 cents.

Every time I hear this recording, I shake my head in wonder.  The directory and local calls are free (or rather, there are no additional charges, the costs of these two automated services being subsumed in your monthly fee).  But for the software to automatically connect you, the phone company wants 45 cents.

If it were 5 cents, I say to myself, sometimes I would, if in a real rush,  do it.  A dime, and I'd hesitate.  Twenty-five cents, and I'd laugh at the thought.  But when I hear 45 cents requested, I wonder what the phone company is thinking.

They offer long-distance for 5 cents a minute, but want you to pay 45 cents to be automatically connected on a free local call?

Who would do this, especially on a regular basis?  Even were I quite wealthy, I still wouldn't take advantage of their kind offer, given the blatantly rip-off nature of the transaction.

What makes it sad is, I bet the reason the phone company has continued to offer this service is because a lot of (non-rich) people really do utilize this automatic connection feature!

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