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Republican Pundit Susan Carpenter McMillan Makes a Fool of Herself on Fox News Over Chandra Levy

July 25, 2001

Conservative pundits often make assertions at odds with undisputed facts, hoping they won't get caught.  If someone calls them on it, then these blabmeisters will blurt out the most ridiculous things to try to wiggle out of the situation. 

Take for example Susan Carpenter McMillan, "president" of some entity called the "Women's Coalition," who made an absolute fool of herself the other day on Hannity & Colmes

McMillan was claiming that it was only Democrats who had affairs and took advantage of interns.  Apparently the names Bob Packwood, Henry Hyde, Bob Livingston and Newt Gingrich eluded her.

Here's the essence of the exchange between McMillan and host Alan Colmes:

MCMILLAN: No. 1, Democrats have given interns and internship a bad name.

COLMES: Oh, stop politicizing it. You ought to be ashamed of yourself politicizing this.

MCMILLAN: I'm not ashamed of myself. I'm not ashamed of myself at...

COLMES: We have a missing woman, Susie, and you want to make a political football out of this. That's -- shame on you.

A bit later, Colmes went on:

COLMES: There are Republicans who are scoundrels, who are cheaters, who are adulterers, who are not nice to their wives and families, and who lie and cheat.

It is not a matter of party affiliation, and how dare you try to make that the issue here.

After a commercial break, McMillan gave her reply:

MCMILLAN: ...You said how dare I -- how dare I politicize it. You opened your show by saying real men don't cheat on their wives.

You tell me the last Republican who was fooling around with not one, not two, not three, [but] 15, 20, whatever, interns...

So according to this apparent revision of the Republican dogma, affairs with a few interns are OK, just don't get into the double figures! LOL.

This was a selection from The Daily Diatribe

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