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Dear friends of Nicaragua and concerned global citizens,

Wouldn't you like another good reason to cuss out a Bushie? Or tell a
Florida senator to put a muzzle on Gov'nor Jeb? Well this one might just
put you over the edge, as it has us at the Nicaragua Network. Florida
Governor Jeb Bush took out a full page advertisement in the October 29
Nicaraguan national newspaper La Prensa to tell the Nicaraguan people they
would be electing "an enemy of everything the United States represents" if
they vote for Daniel Ortega for president this Sunday, November 4.

Nicaragua has had enough of Bush father and sons sabotaging their political
process. Jeb needs to know that US citizens are watching this egregious
violation not only of Nicaragua's right to self-determination without fear
of US reprisal but also of his jurisdiction as governor of a single state
claiming to represent US foreign policy. For this reason, the Nicaragua
Network is asking you to 1) call, email, and fax letters to Jeb to let him
know how inappropriate his action was and 2) call and fax letters to the
Tallahassee office of Senator Bill Nelson, who sits on the Foreign Relations
Committee, and tell him to reprimand his governor for meddling with US

Below are the text of Jeb's ad, a sample letter to send, and all the
appropriate contact information for Jeb and Senator Bill.

***** JEB'S AD IN LA PRENSA *****

In small letters above the headline: The Brother of the President of the
United States (in blue)

"This November, Nicaragua will choose a new president. This decision rests
where it should, in the hands of the Nicaraguan voting public. At the same
time, we in Florida want the people of Nicaragua to know that they are not
alone in making this decision.

"The elements which have made of Florida and the United States a place where
exiles from diverse countries have found success - democracy, respect for
law, transparency and confidence in public institutions - are being
developed in many Latin American countries. Florida benefits when its
neighbors adopt the successful formulas - free elections, open markets, the
integrity of the public sector - which have produced such good results in
our country.

"However, this formula for success is not automatic. Not everyone has the
same commitment to these successful free institutions .... As I look at
Latin America today, I'm reminded of the motto which is written above the
entrance to the US National Archives: "The Past Is Prologue." The past is
without doubt the key indicator of the future. In a world which has been
transformed during the last decade through political and economic openings,
it is inconceivable that a people would choose to return to a totalitarian

"The past and present of Daniel Ortega clearly indicate that he neither
understands nor accepts the basic principles of freedom, democracy and the
free market. Some say he has changed, that the years out of power have
convinced him of the necessity for genuine democracy, for open markets, and
for the maintaining of good relations with his neighbors and with the United
States. This is what Ortega would want us to believe.

"Daniel Ortega is an enemy of everything the United States represents.
Further, he is a friend of our enemies. Ortega has a relationship of more
than 30 years with states and individuals who shelter and condone
international terrorism.

"By contrast Enrique Bolanos is a man whose past promises a future of
freedom. I knew him for the first time fifteen years ago, before the end of
the Cold War, when freedom was not yet secured in many parts of the world.
He spoke with clarity of purpose and with precision about the importance of
democracy, of the free market, and of the absolute necessity to have a
public sector with integrity. He not only spoke about these ideas but also
defended them valiantly in the hostile and repressive climate created by the
Sandinistas. Thanks to this experience, I can say that Enrique Bolanos will
be an excellent leader for Nicaragua.

"To construct democracy is not easy. It puts a leader's commitment to the
test as well as his will to hold to the true path. This is why Latin America
needs people whose valorous past points to a promising future. Latin America
needs leaders like Enrique Bolanos, people whose history shows a commitment
to the construction of prosperous economies and solid democracies which are
the necessary base for reinforcing bonds of brotherhood with Florida, just
as with the whole United States of America.

Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida."

***** SAMPLE LETTER *****

Dear Governor Bush,

I am writing to express my outrage at your paid ad endorsing Nicaraguan
presidential candidate Enrique Bolaños in the October 29 edition of
Nicaragua's La Prensa newspaper. It is incredibly insensitive and unethical
of you in this time of agressive US military action abroad to tell the
Nicaraguan people that their future president will be viewed as "an enemy of
everything the United States represents" if they choose to elect Daniel
Ortega. In the 1980's, the Nicaraguan people suffered through years of
terrorism financed by the United States and declared criminal by Congress in
the Iran Contra hearings. It is sick of you to evoke memories of the grave
sins which our government committed against the Nicaraguan people.
Nicaraguans deserve the right to determine their own destiny through free
and fair elections without fear of military reprisal from the United States.

As a government official elected to represent only the state of Florida, you
violate your jurisdiction to speak on the behalf of United States foreign
policy. For this reason, I am contacting Florida Senator Bill Nelson of the
Foreign Relations Committee that he might reprimand you for recklessly
meddling with a delicate relationship the United States has with a country
in which we are already despised for our past mistreatment of its citizens.

Since you are accountable to the citizens of Florida who pay your salary, I
am going to contact all of your constituents that I know so they might
themselves be aware of the unethical activity you have undertaken on their
paid time. I am confident they will let you know their opinion of your
behavior by their vote in the next elections.

You owe an apology to the people of Nicaragua for trying to intimidate them
and to the citizens of Florida for shamefully representing them.


Your Name

CC: Senator Bill Nelson, Foreign Relations Committee


Governor Jeb Bush's contact information
Tel: 850/488-4441
Fax: 850/487-0801

Senator Bill Nelson's Tallahassee office
Phone: 850-942-8415
Fax: 850-942-8450

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