This page provides links to the data and quotations presented on the BLAST THE RIGHT podcast:

Podcast #17:

2005 Ohio Voting

O'Reilly Chirac,8816,465087,00.html


Podcast #18:,3000,15318


Podcast #19:

O'Reilly's War on Christmas,2933,177670,00.html  

Why Right-Winger's Enjoy Causing Suffering and Death


Podcsast #20:

Social Darwinism

Ecclesia in America

Solicitudo Rei Socialis

O'Reilly Mislabel


Podcast #21:

More GOP Racism

Same Intelligence: Bush Lies About His Lies


Podcast #22:

U.S. Fights Against Democracy in Haiti, Venezuela and Bolivia


Podcast #23:

Warrantless Wiretaps: Power-Mad Bush Is Even Scaring Right-Wingers AUDIO in 23,pubID.23607/pub_detail.asp


Podcast #24:

Thwarting Democracy: Alito And Other Right-Wingers Oppose "One Person, One Vote"

Bush's Bogus Job Stats


Podcast #25:

Bush's IRS Escalates Its Harassment of the Working Poor


Podcast #26:

Bush EPA Poisons 9/11 Workers

Bush's Texas Statute Allows Life Support to Be Cut Off Against Patient's Wishes


Podcast #27:

Medicare Prescription Drug Fiasco: Just Incompetence, Or Deliberate Right-Wing Sabotage?


Podcast #28:

Right-Wing Drug Policy Inhibits Doctors From Prescribing Adequate Pain Medication For Patients

Robertson, Rumsfeld and Negroponte Attack Chavez


Podcast #29:

Coretta Scott King Funeral "Controversy" Reveals Right-Wingers At Their Worst


Podcast #30:

Right-Wing War Profiteering Escalates

Another Big O'Reilly Lie Exposed


Podcast #31:

Judge Slams Bush EPA's Post-9/11 Actions As "Conscience-Shocking"

Poll: Troops In Iraq Say "Bring Us Home!"


Podcast #32:

Listen to Martin Luther King, Jr. Speak To Us About the War on Terrorism

Solicitudo Rei Socialis 

Ecclesia in America


Podcast #33:

How Right-Wingers Try To Hide The Harmful Results of Their Policies

Words of Anti-Militarism From A Surprising Source

King vs. Robertson


Podcast #34

The Right-Wing's Worst Nightmare: A Tax On Extreme Wealth,,3935985-103635,00.html


Podcast #35

Three More Ways Right-Wingers Increase Human Misery, Pain and Death

O'Reilly Threatens Listener & New York Times


Podcast #36

Fighting Back Against Right-Wing Violence & Multinational Corporate Domination: Three Latin American Leaders Draw A Line In The Sand


Podcast #37

Bush's Uncle A War Profiteer,1,2073402.story?ctrack=1&cset=true  

Pew Research Center Poll,8599,1174605,00.html

Hannity Silences Colmes On Gitmo

Newt's Word List

Listener Comments


Podcast #38

The Right At Its Democracy-Trashing, Greedy Worst: Lesser-Known Episodes In Tom DeLay's Career

Undocumented Immigrants Have The Right To Stay


Podcast #39

Debunking Right-Wing Propaganda: The U.S. Economy Is Not Strong And NOT Benefiting All Americans


Podcast #40

Iraq: More Expensive Than Vietnam, And The Right-Wing Gladly Reaps The Benefits


Podcast #41

Americans DO Want Tax Increases...On The Wealthy!

US Inaction On Murder Campaign Against Gays In Iraq

Listener Comment on Tom DeLay Evildoing  


Podcast #42

Bolivia Infuriates AND Petrifies The Right By Nationalizing Its Natural Gas Industry

A Listener's Rant About Right-Wingers,,3935985-103635,00.html


Podcast #43

Reverse Robin Hood: Bush's Latest Regressive Tax Cut


Podcast #44

O'Reilly Lets Rumsfeld Lie: To Help Him Avoid War Crimes Charges?

Right-Wing Neglect And Worse Of 9/11 Victims

Listener Comment on Venezuela,3858,3935985,00.html


Podcast #45

Right-Wing Policies Kill America's Coal Miners



Podcast #46

Attack On The Estate Tax: Right-Wing Lies And Greed In Plain Sight


Podcast #47

Coulter vs. The Jersey Girls: Ann's Real Agenda & Her Underlying Psychological Disorder;jsessionid=3799C0C1202462E37ECF7C6741BA96DC,1,2073402.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


Podcast #48

Poll Reveals Americans Reject Right-Wing Agenda

A Listener's Family Story Of A Right-Winger In Denial


Podcast #49

Venezuela As Prism: Bush, Chavez, Jesus & Oil


Podcast #50

2 Hours Of Oxygen In Mines When 48 Is Needed

Medicare Donut Hole,1,4038379,full.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


Podcast #51

Super-Rich REDUCE Charitable Giving As Their Wealth Increases

Karl Rove, Champion Of Social Justice?


Podcast #52

Right-Wing Wages War On State Environmental And Health Safeguards'_rights#The_civil_rights_movement


Podcast #53

Battling Phony Right-Wing Christians: What Every Progressive Needs To Know About True Christian Economics

Quadragesimo Anno (The Fortieth Year ), Encyclical On Reconstruction of the Social Order, Pius XI, 1931

Populorum Progresio (On the Development of Peoples), Encyclical Letter, Pope Paul VI, 1967

Laborem Exercens (On Human Work), Encyclical on Human Work , Pope John Paul II, 1981

Solicitudo Rei Socialis (On Social Concern), Encyclical Letter, Pope John Paul II, 1987

Centesimus Annus (The Hundredth Year)," Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II, 1991, which marked the hundredth anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum (New Things):

Ecclesia in America (The Church in America), post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation,  Pope John Paul II, 1999,2933,167281,00.html

Church Teachings Compilation


Podcast #54

Death-By-A-Thousand-Cuts Class Warfare

Right-Wing Listener Claims Miners Suffocating Is No Big Deal


Podcast #55

WMD Found In Iraq! Anatomy Of A Fox News Propaganda Campaign,2933,200499,00.html


Podcast #56

Class Warfare, International-Style: The Right-Wing's Assault Against The World's Poor,3858,3935985,00.html

"The Grassroots Guide to the IMF and World Bank" from the organization 50 Years Is Enough, Unfortunately, this document is not online, I have a hard copy.


Podcast #57

Katrina: Right-Wing Incompetence And Worse

IRS Privatization Scam

Bush's War On Terrorism Failures


Podcast #58

Critically Important But Largely Unreported Aspects Of The Iraq War, Part I: 
The Right-Wing "Project For A New American Century" (PNAC)


Podcast #59

Part II Of Critically Important But Largely Unreported Aspects Of The Iraq War: The Bremer Orders (The Attempted Economic Rape of Iraq)


Podcast #60

All-Time High "Extreme Poverty" Rate

WMD Or No WMD, Cheney Wanted War;article=104453;title=APFN

Listener Email: His Canadian Mine Worker Protection Puts U.S. To Shame

see links under Podcasts 45 & 50 above


Podcast #61

Every Day, 30,000 Children Die: World's Worst Terrorism?,,3935985-103635,00.html


Podcast #62

From The "Southern Strategy" To Voter ID Laws: Right-Wing Voter Suppression And Racism, 1968-2006

Progressive Christian Leaders Speak Out


Podcast #63

Bush EPA Ignores Its Own Experts, Leaves Poison In The Air,1,1187779.story?coll=chi-news-hed

Class Warfare: 400 Billionaires Vs. 57 Million American Families

Listener Email


Podcast #64

Will Your Vote In The Crucial Midterm Election Be Erased -- Or 
Even Flipped -- By Right-Wing Electronic Voting Machine Fraud?


Podcast #65

A War On Religion? As With Most Right-Wing Claims, The Exact Opposite Is True

Issues Survey QuickBlast

Listener Comment On Vote Fraud


Podcast #66

Part 3 Of Critically Important But Largely Unreported Aspects Of The Iraq War: The U.S. Connection To Iraqi Death Squads,,11069-1433353,00.html

Florida Exit Poll Ban Update-Listener Comment


Podcast #67

Right-Wing Plots To Reverse Post-Enron Anti-Corporate Fraud Reforms, 
Even Without Control Of Congress


Podcast #68

Major Defeat Suffered By The Right On International Economic Justice Front: 
Bolivia Prevails In Nationalization Of Its Natural Gas Industry

plus links from podcasts 42 & 56 above


Podcast #69

Big Victory Against Right-Wing In Struggle To End Debt Slavery 
Of Third World Nations

plus links from podcasts 42 &  56 above


Podcast #70

Was There Right-Wing Electronic Voting Fraud In The Midterms? Dispute 
In Florida's 13th Congressional District Provides The Answer,0,1913349.story

plus links from podcast 13 above


Podcast #71

Even After A Thumpin', Bush Continues Appointing Right-Wing Extremists

QuickBlast: Chavez Landslide Victory In Venezuela,8599,1566006,00.html

plus links from podcast 18 above


Podcast #72

The Upcoming Minimum Wage Battle: How To Counter Right-Wing Propaganda,0,5978468.story?coll=chi-newsopinioncommentary-hed


Podcast #73

Have You Heard? We're In World War III! Right-Wing Propaganda Campaigns 
Fail Because The Right's Actions Don't Live Up To Its Rhetoric


Podcast #74

Year-End Review Of Some Right-Wing Gifts To America In 2006: Poverty / Class Warfare / War Profiteering / Mining Deaths / Cancer / Lung Disease


Plus see links from podcast 60 above

Class Warfare

See links from podcast 25 above

War Profiteering

Plus see links from podcast 30 above

Mining Deaths

See links from podcast 50 above


See links from podcast 35 above

Lung Disease

See links from podcast 63 above


Podcast #75

Highway Deaths Continue Because Right-Wing Policies (As Usual) Fail


Podcast #76

Market As Deity: Reflections On The Right-Wing's Golden Calf


Podcast #77

Worsening Income And Wealth Inequality That Might Even Make A Right-Winger Blush 
(If They Were Capable Of Feeling Shame),,3935985-103635,00.html


Podcast #78

Case Study, Ecuador: Listen to Martin Luther King And Learn How To Get On 
The Correct Side Of The World Revolution


Podcast #79

Lying Or Just Plain Ignorant? Bill O'Reilly Misleads His Audience, Part I: Iraq

Also see links from podcast 17 above

Bush Health Care Plan Is A Typical Right-Wing Scam


Podcast #80

Right-Wing Heaven: Bush IRS Twists Rules To Let Corporations Get Away With Tax Evasion


Podcast #81

Cons Try To Con Us About Con Law: Bush/Cheney Claim About Unfettered 
Presidential War Powers Is Totally Bogus,2933,243632,00.html (Feingold bill) (Kucinich Plan)

Entire Bruce Fein Interview (8:55)


Podcast #82

Third World Land Reform Would Allow Hungry People To Feed Themselves:
Another Social Justice Measure The Right-Wing Tries To Kill

Also see links from podcasts 22, 42, 44 and 68 above


Podcast #83

Lying Or Just Plain Ignorant? Bill O'Reilly Misleads His Audience, Part 2: Poverty,2933,250295,00.html


Podcast #84

A Major Defeat For Right-Wing Ideology: American Public Strongly Supports 
Government Guarantee Of Health Care For All


Podcast #85

War On Terrorism Truths: More Of BTR's Interview With Bush-Bashing 
Conservative Scholar / Email: A Listener Starts Converting A Right-Winger!


Podcast #86

Iraq's New Oil Law: Proof That Bush's War IS Blood For Oil

Stephen Kinzer, Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq (2006)

Also see links from podcasts 56, 58 and 59 above


Podcast #87

Bush's Budget Paints A Picture Of Right-Wing Greed & Cruelty

Also see links from podcasts 30, 58 & 83 above

A Listener Weighs In On The Human Dimension Of The Gay Marriage Debate


Podcast #88

Listen To A Progressive Third World Leader Tell Us In His Own 
Words The Truth Our Mass Media Ignores

Stephen Kinzer, Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq (2006)

Also see links from podcasts 42 & 82 above


Podcast #89

Right-Wingers Can Be Proud: 2005 Saw The Greatest Income Inequality Since The Great Depression

Listen To McCain's Descent Into Delusion


Podcast #90

Shameless Right-Wing Greed: How Vulture Funds Prey On Impoverished Third World Nations,,2019195,00.html (Bamako) (email Donegal)


Podcast #91

Denying Reality: Bill O'Reilly Blames Anti-US World Public Opinion On....Rosie O'Donnell!,2933,263586,00.html,2933,261242,00.html


Podcast #92

Right-Wing Nightmare: Americans Favor Heavily Taxing The Rich To Redistribute Wealth


Podcast #93

Food Workers' Lungs Destroyed: Another Case Study In How Right-Wing Policies 
Increase Human Misery, Suffering, Pain And Death

Also see links from podcasts 71, 74 & 75 above


Podcast #94

Progressive Victory! Maryland Enacts First Living Wage Requirement For 
State Government Contracts,0,7510466.story,0,585436.story?coll=bal-local-headlines (get involved) (get involved)


Podcast #95

Latin American Right-Wing Reaps What It Sows: No-Nonsense Land Reform In Venezuela


Podcast #96

Right-Wing Charity: Sufficient Atonement For Their Sins?

Also see links from podcasts 56 & 74 above


Podcast #97

Listeners Sound Off About How Right-Wing Road Safety Policies Endanger Us All (link from critical listener)

Also see links from podcast 75 above


Podcast #98

"Enhanced Interrogations": Right-Wingers Eagerly Embrace Soviet Torture Methods


Podcast #99

More GOP Racism: "Vote Caging" To Prevent African-Americans 
From Exercising Their Right To Vote

Also see links from podcasts 21 & 62 above


Podcast #100

Immigration Reform's Path To Citizenship: It's Not Amnesty, It's Keeping Our Part Of The Bargain


Podcast #101

Hugo Chavez And The Television Station: Fact Vs. Fiction,,2097162,00.html

Also see links from podcast 71 above


Podcast #102

The Science Be Damned: Gag Orders And Censorship Are The Right-Wing 
Prescription For Your Health


Podcast #103

Conservative Group Calls For Presidential Candidates To Sign Pledge 
To Reverse Bush Constitutional Abuses


Podcast #104

Busting The Right's Lies: Universal Health Coverage Doesn't Mean Long Waits For Care,2933,290414,00.html

Also see links from podcast 84 above

Robert Bork, Nominee For The Hypocrites Hall Of Shame


Podcast #105

Reason To Cheer, Part I: Americans Support Progressive Policies On Most 
Every Issue, And Our Progressive Majority Is Growing Larger And Larger  (#41)

Also see links from podcasts 41, 48, 84, 92 and 94 above


Podcast #106

Reason To Cheer, Part II: If Americans Hold Progressive Views, Why Don't 
They Describe Themselves As Progressives? Here's Why…

Also see links from podcast 105 above


Podcast #107

Headlines Scream: Right-Wing Policies Kill

GOP California '08 Dirty Trick Falters

Third World Debt Action Alert

Also see links from podcast 56 above


Podcast #108

Reason To Cheer, Part III: Increasingly Left-Leaning Youth Will Turn 
The Country Increasingly Progressive


Podcast #109

Bush's "Enhanced Interrogations" Have A Nazi Pedigree

Also see links from podcast 98 above

Military Ad With Disclaimers


Podcast #110

The Right-Wing Goal Of Transferring Wealth From Everyone Else To 
The Already-Rich, And What FDR Had To Say About It


Podcast #111

Once And For All: Calling Out Right-Wing Christians On Their Kill-Jesus Ideology And Behavior


Podcast #112

As At Home, So Abroad: Right-Wing Policies Increase Human Misery, 
Suffering, Pain And Death In The Third World

Also see links from podcasts 56 & 59 above


Podcast #113

Year End Review: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of 2007,0,5337231.story?coll=la-home-center,0,5337231.story?coll=la-home-center 7:15-23&version=rsv&corpus=&maxhits= 

Also see links from podcasts 75-112 above


Podcast #114

Economic Mobility: A Reality-Based Part Of The American Dream, Or A 
Myth Now Used By The Right-Wing To Justify Economic Injustice? 

Also see links from podcasts 83 and 92 above


Podcast #115

Blasting The Right Basics: Countering Five Pervasive Right-Wing Falsehoods

Round 1: Right-wing lies about why we went to war in Iraq,,910106,00.html,,909793,00.html

Round 2: The Republican claim that Democrats don't support the troops, and that the military community is behind President Bush

Round 3: Another campaign lie: Democrats want to raise your taxes

Round 4: Nonsensical right-wing policy position: there's too much government regulation of business

Also see links from podcasts 107 and 113 above

Round 5: Another nonsensical right-wing policy claim: we already have the best health care system in the world


Podcast #116

Federal Home Loan Racism

Bush, Hannity Tax Lies

American Revolutionary War...Commie?

Good News On Electronic Voting


Podcast #117

Desperate Haitians Eat Dirt: A Legacy Of Right-Wing Greed

Also see links from podcast 56 above

Listen To Neil Boortz Make O'Reilly Seem Statesmanlike

'08 Strategy Suggestions


Podcast #118

Blasting, Ever So Gently, Wayward Progressives: Why Nader Supporters Should Rethink Their Position

Also see links from podcast 113 above


Podcast #119

Right-Wing EPA Policies Will Kill Thousands

Hannity Lies About Michelle Obama

Father of Conservative Economics Puts 2008 Right To Shame,M1

Also see links from podcasts 50, 63 & 116 above


Podcast #120

Right-Wing Ideology And Policies Are The Main Culprits Behind The Subprime And Credit Meltdowns


Podcast #121

Global Fight Against The Right: US House OK's Jubilee Act, Mexican Lawmakers Conduct Sit-In 
To Protest Oil Law, Starving People Riot Worldwide 

Also see links from podcasts 56, 88 & 112 above


Podcast #122

With The Heparin Drug Deaths, As With All Other Things: Kill My Pet, Kill My Kid, 
Even Kill Me, But Just Don't Mess With My Right-Wing Ideology

Also see links from podcasts 75, 97, 107 and 113 above


Podcast #123

Have They No Shame? McCain Misleads, Hannity Explicitly Lies About Taxes (Sorry Sean 
And John, The American Public Isn't Buying It),2933,354727,00.html


Podcast #124

Just A Bunch Of Right-Wingers Sitting Around Talking... About How Best To 
Torture People! If This Was A Movie Script, No One Would Believe It*/

Also see links from podcasts 58, 98 and 109 above


Podcast #125

Yet More Evidence That Right-Wing Health Care Policies Are Deadly,2933,290414,00.html

Progressive Victories: Economic Justice For Farm Workers!

2 Thessalonians 3:5-15


Podcast #126

Past As Prologue: Multinationals Take Another Step To Steal Iraq's Oil

Demoralize A Right-Winger: Tell Them The Truth About US Public Opinion

Also see links from podcasts 41, 48, 84, 92 and 94 above


Podcast #127

A Torrent Of Additional Evidence Of Right-Wing Torture-Mongering

Dick Morris Lies About Democratic Tax Plans

Also see links from podcasts 98 and 124 above


Podcast #128

McCain Becomes Incoherent Trying To Excuse Growing Economic Inequality

More Shady Deals & Lies As The Right-Wing Closes In On Iraq's Oil

Military Ad With Disclaimers


Podcast #129

Right-Wing Ideology Produces A U.S. Health Care System That Is Worst In The Developed World

Cruel Bush Immigration Raids: A National Disgrace

Leviticus 19:34

Exodus 22:24

Leviticus 24:22

Deuteronomy 24:17-18

Deuteronomy 24:14-15

Deuteronomy 24:19-22


Podcast #130

Bush Justice Department Admits To Pervasive Lawbreaking,0,6472132.story

Listener Email On Hannity, '08 Race / Helping A Fellow Progressive


Podcast #131

Hannity May Lie, But The Actual Economic Data Tells The True Story


Podcast #132

Right-Wing Deception Is Exemplified By Sarah Palin And John McCain: A 
Case Study In Earmarks,0,2482434.story


Podcast #133

Obama's America vs. McCain's America: Ten Reasons Undecideds Should Choose Obama


Podcast #134

The Economic Pie Grows Faster And Is More Fairly Divided Under Democratic Presidents

QuickBlasts: Ayers, Rezko, ACORN, Surge, McCain's Temper,CST-NWS-obama05.article


Podcast #135

Final Big Lie Of Campaign '08: The Socialism Charge

Protecting Your Vote


Podcast #136

Right-Wing Spins '08 Results

Shameful Health Care Statistics

Bush's Last Minute Regulatory Massacre

Ensuring A Progressive '09 And Beyond


Podcast #137

The Right's Big Lie About Upcoming Labor Legislation

A Primer On How The West Uses Right-Wing Ideology To Economically Exploit The Third World,3858,3935985,00.html


Podcast #138

Social Darwinism: The Doctrine That Lets The Right-Winger Sleep At Night

Paraguay Rejects Right, Elects As President The "Bishop Of The Poor"


Podcast #139

2008 In Review: The Right Is Relentless, But Ultimately Unsuccessful

Special note: This podcast summarizes the year's shows.  Directly below are sources cited in #139 that were not previously cited during the year.  Otherwise, please refer to the transcript of #139, which indicates for each topic discussed, the number of the relevant show.  The entry for that show above will contain the sources for that topic.


Podcast #140

Conversation Starters: Five Questions To Ask Your Friendly Local Right-Winger

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5


Podcast #141

The Earth Is Flat, The Moon's Made Of Green Cheese, And The New Deal 
Was A Terrible Failure: Debunking The Latest Right-Wing Propaganda,16641,20081124,00.html


Podcast #142

Rule Of Law: A Criminal Investigation Of The Bush Administration's Torture Program Is Legally Required


Podcast #143

Beyond The New Deal: Challenge A Right-Winger With FDR's Second Bill Of Rights (question 27)

Hannity Truth Patrol: Do Tax Cuts Increase Government Revenue?{B18C218C-3ED7-4514-898C-F7B2D24FAB43}&keyword=&print=true&dist=printTop


Podcast #144

Obama's Tax Plan: The Good, The Bad And The Right-Wing (Including Hannity's Biggest Lie Ever) (p.281)


Podcast #145

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights: Progressive Values Globally Endorsed,8599,1872561,00.html

Debunking The Right's Lies About A Social Security "Crisis"


Podcast #146

Labor Dept. Under Right-Wing Control Allowed Wage Theft From Workers

Red Cross Declares "Torture" And Spain Targets Bushians For Prosecution


Podcast #147

More Lies Than Ever Before: The Right-Wing Renews Its Assault On The Estate Tax;jsessionid=ABJCV4OPRMZYDLAQBQ4CGXD5AAAACI2F?id=140100009


Podcast #148

Privatization Kills: Troops Electrocuted In Iraq, Cheney's Former Company To Blame

Debunking Right-Wing Lies About U.S. Corporate Tax Rates


Podcast #149

Cutting Through Right-Wing Spin About Who's To Blame For The Financial Crisis,8599,1723152,00.html


Podcast #150

A Smorgasbord of Right-Wing Follies To Delight Your Intellectual Palate...
And Frustrate Your Friendly Local Right-Winger

War on Terror Talking Points / Mancow Waterboarding

Conservative Economic Philosophy / Poll on Socialism


KBR Update / Reconciliation Hypocrisy


Podcast #151

Everything But The Kitchen Sink: The Right Goes All Out To Smear 
And Destroy Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor


Podcast #152

Answering The Right's Deadly Lies In The Health Care Debate


Podcast #153

Global Overview: As The Third World Continues To Fight Against Western 
Economic Exploitation, Obama's A Mixed Bag, The Right Still 100% Wrong,8599,1908724,00.html


Podcast #154

Part Two: More Of Answering The Right's Deadly Lies In The Health Care Debate /2009/04/30-0


Podcast #155

Part Three: Still More Of Answering The Right's Deadly Lies In The Health Care Debate


Podcast #156

Supreme Court May Toss Out Laws Limiting Corporate Campaign Contributions

Jack Discusses Health Care On Air America

[for sources of the data cited in the audio clip, please see the transcripts of podcasts 152, 154 and 155]

Honduran Coup Update


Podcast #157

More Health Care Stats: Ammo For The Water Cooler Wars

Progressive Economics = Christian Economics?

The Real ACORN Scandal Is On The Right


Podcast #158

"We have to tolerate inequality to achieve greater prosperity and opportunity for all": The Right-Wing Mind's Strained Relation To Reality


Podcast #159

The "Southern Strategy": From Nixon To Reagan To Limbaugh, The GOP Has Used Racism To Further Its Political Agenda

Health Care QuickBlast


Podcast #160

How To Put Right-Wing Christians On The Defensive With The "Equivalent Alternative Solution" Challenge


Podcast #161

2009 In Review: So Much Potential Unfulfilled, And The Right Still As Toxic As Ever

Special note: This podcast summarizes the year's shows.  Please refer to the transcript of this show, which indicates for each topic discussed, the number of the relevant show.  The entry for that show above, as well as the transcript for that particular show, will contain the sources for that topic.


Podcast #162

No Amount Of Earthquake Relief Can Cleanse Us: The U.S. Is Up To Its Eyeballs In Haitian Blood


Podcast #163

Budget Deficits & The National Debt: Right-Wingers Spend Wildly And Slash Taxes (For The Rich), 
Then Scream We Can't Afford A Social Safety Net g-social-security.php


Podcast #164

Full Clip: Bullet Points For Stimulus & Health Care Water Cooler Wars

Global Economic Justice Advances: Martin Luther King Would Be Pleased


Podcast #165

Health Care Vote Post-Game Show: The Right-Wing Is Down, But Not Out (And Lying Even More Than Usual, If That's Possible)


Podcast #166

Right-Wing Ramps Up Its Efforts To Protect The Vulnerable, On-The-Edge-Of-Collapse 
Wealthy From The All-Powerful Progressives Out To Get Them


Podcast #167

They're Still At It: Arizona Immigration Law Is Part Of A Decades-Old Right-Wing 
Campaign To Attack Minorities For Political Gain,african-american-vote-gop-steele-042110.article


Podcast #168

Busting More Right-Wing Lies About The Arizona Immigration Statute

The Struggle Continues For Economic Justice